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Norbana Skatepark [Articles] [Videos] [Photos] [Calendar] [Links]

Norbana Skatepark is a skatepark in Lillehammer, Norway.

Also known as: Norbana Miniramp / Lillehammer Skatepark / Lillehammer Miniramp

2017: Norbana SkateparkAdded: 13-07-2019 17:19:35
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New Surface at Norbana Miniramp [25/6/2014]
The miniramp at Norbana in Lillehammer has gotten new surfacing.

Lillehammer Gets Miniramp [31/10/2013]
Gunnar Lge has built a new miniramp in Lillehammer.


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2017: Norbana Skatepark: Show Picture

2012: Norbana Skatepark: Show Picture

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Norbana Skatepark News & Updates

Norbana Skatepark News & Updates

Norbana Skatepark News & Updates

Norbana Skatepark News & Updates