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Ementa SB is a Portugese clothing company.

Also known as:

2016: Welcome Videos
Ementa SB - Diogo Smith (Welcome)

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Life of Ementa SB Episode 1 [12/5/2018]
Life of Ementa its a saga based on real life events...or maybe not. It shows the daily life of EmentaSB, their skate sessions, their ideas and inventions. Main goal of each episode is Skate for Fun.

Diogo Smith with Ementa SB [21/1/2016]
Ementa SB has welcomed Diogo Smith to the team.


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2016: Welcome Videos
Ementa SB - Diogo Smith (Welcome)
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Full Part: Bruno Senra for Ementa SB [31/12/2017]
Portugal wont stop showing the world that they have awesome spots and that their skaters are out there ready to blow your mind. Recently Ementa SB made a full length video called Banquete, but it wasnt enough for Bruno Senra, he had to make another part skating everything you can imagine and mixing in his aggressive and classic style.

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