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Sewa Kroetkov is a Russian professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

2011: Various
A Sunday Fundays video for Blind Skateboards on the TWS site

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Setting up with Sewa Kroetkov [2/2/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov made a segment in which he breaks down his set up.

SLS 2019 Brazil Sewa Kroetkov Practise Footage [11/1/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov practice SLS Rio 2019

Sewa Kroetkov 2018 Insta Clips [9/1/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov started off the year with an ankle injury, but had a lot of fun skating around the world in 2018. Blind, Ricta, GoPro, Red Bull, Venture, Mob Grip, Andale Bearings Hometown: Alkmaar, Netherlands, Stance: Goofy, Age: 28, Status: Pro


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2016: Various
Sewa Kroetkov - Lost In Los Angeles
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2011: Various
Some of Sewa Kroetkovs best clips filmed in Holland during 2009-2011. All in one remix part edit.
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2011: Various
A Sunday Fundays video for Blind Skateboards on the TWS site
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Trick Tip: Frontside Flip with Sewa Kroetkov. [10/3/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov present his first trick tip on his own YouTube channel!

Battle at the Berrics 2018 Results and Footage [13/12/2018]
Here are results and footage from Battle at the Berrics X.

BATB 11 Tom Asta vs Sewa Kroetkov 3rd Place Battle [12/12/2018]
Tom Asta battles Sewa Kroetkov for third place.

BATB 11 Semifinals Luan Oliveira vs Sewa Kroetkov [11/12/2018]
BATB 8 champ Sewa Kroetkov battles Luan Oliveira in the first BATB 11 semifinals match.

BATB 11 Sewa Kroetkov vs Walker Ryan [23/10/2018]
BATB 8 champion Sewa Kroetkov goes up against Walker Ryan, who made his BATB debut in Season 9: New Blood.

RTM WCS Rotterdam 2018 Results and Footage [22/9/2018]
RTM Wprld Cup Skateboarding Rotterdam 2018 Results and Footage

BATB 11 Scott Decenzo vs Sewa Kroetkov [20/9/2018]
Scott Decenzos previous appearance in BATB was in 2012. Today, he returns to face a champion, Sewa Kroetkov, for BATB 11.

CPH-BER 2018 Amsterdam Footage [11/8/2018]
After Copenhagen the CPH Pro crew came down to Amsterdam to host a line session on a classic Dutch school bench and a ledge. After that they all took the boat with lots of champagne and went over to the famous Marnix Bowl where people reached hights that they never saw before. If that wasnt enough Skatepark Noord held a deathrace and afterparty. So much in one day and it will only become more in the upcoming days in Berlin, Germany.

Far n High 2018 Flatspot Footage [4/6/2018]
Far n High 2018 qualification and Best Trick video.

Tampa Pro 2018 Results and Footage [11/3/2018]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Pro contest.

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