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Burn is a high sugar, high caffeine content energy drink with a citrus flavor.

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2011: Welcome Videos
Burn Welcomes: Albert Nyberg & Jean-Marc Soulet by Burn Nordic

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Len and Perry for Burn [26/4/2013]
Burn Energy presents Fredrik Perryand Len-Roald-Jrgensen

Trysil Burn Can Jam 2013 Footage [9/4/2013]
The Burn Scandinavian ski and snowboard team spent a week in Trysil. Here is some footage.

Burn Nordic Does Tenerife 2012 Tour Video [5/5/2012]
The Burn Nordic skate team went on a trip to Tenerife in search of an exotic spot that could provide challenges for everyone.


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2013: Welcome Videos
burn Energy Presents: Len X Perry from Burn Nordic - Meet Len & Perry. Two crazy Norwegians who love to shred and party. The burn Nordic Team is currently on their first team gathering in Trysil and this is the first video of more to come, all from the hands of hyped video wizzkid Kasper Hggstrm. Enjoy.
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2012: Tour Videos
Burn Nordic does Tenerife Part 2
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2012: Tour Videos
Burn Nordic does Tenerife Part 1
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2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Burn Best Trick Tyenpuppen Event Flyer.

2011: Various: Show Picture
Steffen Austerheim got 5000 kr for his kickflip krooks at Rdhusplassen during the Tacky x Burn Best Trick Challenge.

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tacky + Burn Energy Go Skateboarding Day Best Trick Oslo Event Flyer.

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Australian Open of Surfing 2012 Results and Footag [24/2/2012]
The Australian Open of Surfing was held at Manly Beach this month. Here are results and footage from the surf and skate contests.

Horsefeather Pleasure Jam 2011 Results and Footage [23/11/2011]
The annual Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam was held recently. Here are results and footage.

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