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Leo Romero is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

2011: Various
Leo Romero Emerica Stay Gold B-Side.

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Battle at the Berrics 9 [19/3/2016]
The 9th Battle at the Berrics will feature a lineup with some new blood.

Leo Romero on Ashbury [15/1/2016]
Ashbury Eyewear has welcomed Leo Romero to their skate team.

The Eswic Clothing Company [14/1/2012]
Eswic is a new cloting company. Here is some information and footage of their new team.


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2015: Interviews
Fairly Normal - Leo Romero
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2013: Interviews
Brick Harbor got the chance to sit down with Leo Romero the other day and spoke to him about his part in MADE (which is awesome), his favorite skaters, music, and many other topics.
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2013: Commercials
Brick Harbor presents: Leo Romero for Bro Style
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2015: Advertisments: Show Picture
Leo Romero Ashbury Welcome Ad

2002: Advertisments: Show Picture
Pig Wheels | Introducing | Leo Romero | Front Side Flip

2013: Advertisments: Show Picture
Emerica Leo Romero Troubadour Ad

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Commercial: My Indys with Leo Romero [14/4/2019]
Dig in with Leo Romero in this installment of My Indys.

Independent Trucks Best of 2018 [15/2/2019]
2018 was a heavy year for the Independent Trucks team. Heres the best of the best in 2018 from Independent Trucks. Enjoy!

The Video Show Leo Romero First Love Episode [1/10/2018]
In Episode 3 of The Video Show Transworld have Leo Romero sit down with TWS Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens and re-watch his part from our 17th full-length video, First Love [2005]. Get some backstories from this classic Leo video part and hold tight until the end to revisit the full part without any commentary. Check back next Thursday for a new episode!

Tum Yeto at Lake Forest Skatepark [8/8/2018]
The Etnies Lake Forrest park is a skate wonderland with endless possibilities. Established pros and new blood from Foundation and Toy Machine did their best to destroy the place.

No Meat Pies No Glory 2018 Melbourne Demo Footage [26/7/2018]
The No Meat Pies, No Glory squad turns up down under in Melbourne!

Skate Nerd: Leo Romero vs Dakota Servold [6/7/2018]
Leo Romero and Dakota Servold entered the Skate Nerd dojo for a classic battle of useless skate knowledge. Who came out the nerdiest? See for yourself.

Video Part: Leo Romero in First Love [7/6/2018]
Leo Romero First Love Part.

Commercial: Leo Romero for Emerica x Toy Machine [11/5/2018]
For this season Emerica brought back Emerica legend and Toy Machine benevolent overlord, Ed Templeton, to create some sick custom artwork and colorways for a brand new Emerica x Toy Machine collab.

Transworld Skatepark Best of 2016 [31/12/2016]
A two-song montage of Transworld Skateboardings favorite tricks from the park.

Team Update: Jon Dickson on Emerica [14/9/2016]
Jon Dicson is the latest addition to the Emerica team.

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2006: Advertisments [18/10/2014]

2012: Advertisments [14/2/2013]

2012: Advertisments [14/2/2013]

2010: Advertisments [29/9/2010]