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ASR, the Action Sports Retail trade Expo, is the show for retailers to preview and buy products from the leading manufacturers of surf, skate, snow and directional apparel.

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2010: ASR Tradeshow

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2011: Maloof High Ollie Challenge
02/15/2011 Maloof High Ollie Challenge at MAGIC in Las Vegas. Aldrin Garcia sets a new world record at 45"
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2011: Maloof High Ollie Challenge
Tuesday at the MAGIC trade show, Aldrin Garcia snapped a 45 inch ollie at the Maloof High Ollie Challenge finals and set the new world record, passing up Danny Wainwright and Luis Tolentino who previously shared the record at 44.5 inches. No doubt about it, Alrdin's got pop!
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2011: Maloof High Ollie Challenge
Only 2 weeks after knocking himself out at Crossroads and being hospitalized, Aldrin Garcia set the new world record for highest ollie on February 15th in Las Vegas, NV at 45.
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