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The Brooklyn Banks are a set of banks located under the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Also known as:

2008: Brooklyn Banks
Fourstar at the Brooklyn Banks.

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Mike Vallely at Brooklyn Banks [10/8/2017]
Mike Vallely skateboarding at Brooklyn Banks in NYC.

Brooklyn Banks Update [15/4/2017]
Lately skaters have been sneaking in and skating the Banks again, but police have been kicking skaters out every day since is not officially opened yet.

The Brooklyn Banks Are Closing [13/11/2009]
The New York City Department of Transportation has announced that they will be closing down the Brooklyn Banks pretty much immediately. They need the space for storage while restoring the bridge until 2014.


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2009: Brooklyn Banks
Short documentary about Mike Vallelys final trip to NYC to skate The Brooklyn Banks, as well as touches on Mikes history with the Banks. Shot in December of 2009 before the Banks were closed down until January 2014.
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2008: Brooklyn Banks
Fourstar at the Brooklyn Banks.
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2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Back to the Banks Event Flyer.

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Mike V Back With Airwalk [17/4/2011]
According to a press release, Mike Vallely has returned to the brand he rode for in 1988 to help design limited-edition products for the brands 25th anniversary collection.

Mark Gonzales Wallie at Brooklyn Banks [13/9/2006]
Mark Gonzales Wallie at Brooklyn Banks

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