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The Justme Skatespot Guide

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Select a country or city to start browsing our database of active skatespots mapped world wide..

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Read all the latest spotcheck articles and see pictures and information from the skateparks visited by us and others.

Spotcheck: Slurpen Skatepark June 2019 [6/26/2019]
The new skatepark in Lakkegata seems to be completed, but the site is still under construction.

Spotcheck: The Spot at Kongens gate in Oslo [6/26/2019]
Here are some pictures from the bench spot in Kongens gate in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Risil Skatepark May 2019 [6/7/2019]
The first stage of the sktaepark in Vestby is now extra fly.

Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark June 2019 [6/7/2019]
Here are some panorama picture from the skatepark at Jordal in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Tveita Skole Miniramp May 2019 [5/14/2019]
Here are some pictures from the miniramp at Tveita Skole in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Olafia Skatepark April 2019 [5/14/2019]
Here are some pictures from the new skatepark at Grnland in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Bryggeriet Bygg Annelöv 2019 [4/15/2019]
Bryggeriet Bygg did a spot check video from Annelöv Skatepark, that they built last year.

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Skatepark News

Read all the latest skatepark news. What is being being built, neglected, revamped or demolished? Find out here!

Slurpen Skatepark Opening [9/12/2019]
The new skatepark at Lakkegata is being officially opened 12th September 2019.

Kevin B詭kel at Slurpen Skatepark [8/30/2019]
Watch Kevin B詭kel test the new skatepark at Lakkegata in Oslo.

X Games 2019 Norway Skatepark [8/26/2019]
Check out the X Games 2019 Norway street course.

Wants to divert storm water with new skatepark [8/22/2019]
Lasse Btker Hansen wants the planned skatepark in Cuba to be designed to remove excess water, and believes Oslo can miss a great opportunity.

Testing The New Skatepark In Kristiansund [8/8/2019]
Short video from the testing of the new V虍en Skatepark in Kristiansund.

V虍en Skatepark Nears Completion [8/8/2019]
The new skatepark in V虍en nears completion.

Last Pour at Kongsvinger Skatepark [7/12/2019]
Betongpark has finished the last pour at Kongsvinger Skatepark.

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Build Guide

Find someone to build you a skatepark, or see how to do it yourself with our DIY articles.

Go to the Skatepark Build Guide.

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Mobile Guides

A mobile version of The Justme Website is available, that lets you find skatespots and keep updated while on the go.

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Share your knowledge, and help us keep the spotguide updated.

See the contact page for information on how to send us information. We are very interested in..

- Information about spots not yet added to the spotguide..
- Feedback about spot information that is missing or outdated..
- Photos and videos from the spots..
- Read more here.

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Skatespot News & Updates

1/2/2016: Bronx Skate Witches.

12/31/2015: Ron Allen at Woodward.

12/22/2015: Garvanza Skatepark Clip.

12/22/2015: Alondra Skatepark Clip.

12/19/2015: Speilen Skatepark Debate.

12/9/2015: Trikkestallen Montage.

12/9/2015: Vert & Bowl @ Bryggeriet.

12/9/2015: Wants new skatepark in Tvedestrand.

12/3/2015: Bygg Enkel Minirampe.

11/30/2015: Fysak Skatepark Funtage.

Skatespot News & Updates

11/11/2015: Historien om Stadionparken.

11/5/2015: SFC at V誡y Skatepark.

10/26/2015: Stavanger Flashback.

10/15/2015: Creature at Erzsbetter Skatepark.

10/14/2015: Betongpark x Jessheim Skatepark.

10/6/2015: Kindergarden Visits Levanger.

10/4/2015: Summer in Marka.

9/28/2015: Playboard Visits GSF Streetpark.

9/26/2015: Bryggeriet 2015/2016.

9/22/2015: Sarpsborg Drone Footage.

Skatespot News & Updates

9/21/2015: Top 10 Frognerparken Ticks.

9/16/2015: Bryggeriet New Street Video.

9/13/2015: Rad Science: Skatepark Physics.

9/8/2015: Peter Raffin In The Junkyard.

9/2/2015: Erna Solberg at Gjvik Skatepark.

8/26/2015: SLO Skatepark LA Times Article.

8/21/2015: Stuck in a Hole in Toronto.

8/17/2015: Spanis Invasion in Gjvik.

8/17/2015: Playboard Visits GSF.

8/17/2015: Alta Drop-In Session Recap.

Skatespots on Twitter

Skatespot News & Updates

8/17/2015: V虍en Skatecamp Video.

8/13/2015: John Cardiels Gold Rail.

8/13/2015: Diamond Plaza 1 Year Anniversary.

8/5/2015: Build a DIY Concrete Skatepark.

8/2/2015: Fredrikstad Skatepark Presentation.

7/20/2015: Alexander リstreng at Rud Rampland.

7/14/2015: Popular skatepark in Gjvik.

7/12/2015: Mads Harlem at Rud Rampland.

6/22/2015: Popular Skatepark in Verdal.

6/17/2015: 5 Norwegian Skateparks.