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Stavanger Skateklubb is a skateboard organisation in Rogaland, Norway.

Also known as: Stavanger Skateboard Klubb / Stavanger Skateboardklubb

2019: Event Flyers
Idrettsdagen 2019 Poster

2019: Event Flyers

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Skateboarding at Idrettsdagen 2019 Stavanger [23/12/2018]
Stavanger Skateklubb will be part of Idrettsdagen 2019 on January 5th.

Stavanger Skateklubb 17th May 2018 Footage [26/5/2018]
Stavanger Skateklubb partisipated in the 17th May parade.

Stavanger Hst Jam 2017 Results and Footage [1/11/2017]
Here are results and footage from the fall jam in Stavanger.


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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Idrettsdagen 2019 Poster

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Stavanger Skatepark Tournament Event Flyer.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Stavanger Santa Skate Event Flyer.

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17 May Skate 2016 [17/5/2016]
Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and several skateboard assosiations are partisipating in the parades and hosting events around the country.

NORB NM 2016 Is Being Held In Stavanger [19/11/2015]
Next years Norwegian skateboard championships are being held between 29 - 31 July 2016, at the new Tasta Skatepark that is being built in Stavanger next year.

New Tasta Skatepark Back on Track [11/11/2015]
Stangeland Maskin gets to build the new skatepark at Tasta in Stavanger, and the park should be ready by 30 June 2016.

Tasta Skatepark Delays Due To Legal Issues [6/9/2015]
Stavanger Kommune are still trying to get the new skatepark at Tasta done as planned, but are now two and a half month behind Schedule after they ruled in favor of SV Betongs complaint.

Stavanger Open 2015 Results [21/6/2015]
Here are the results from this years Stavanger Open.

Construction Start In Stavanger [31/5/2014]
Construction has started on the new indoor skatepark in Stavanger.

RIP Tasta Skatepark [8/9/2013]
Stavanger has torn down the skatepark at Tasta, and are looking for a new location for the indoor skatepark.

Stavanger Skaters To Paradise [14/3/2013]
Stavanger intends to replace the indoor skatepark and the skatepark at Taasta with a new indoor skatepark at the old Paradis freight terminal.

Tasta Skatepark In Bad Shape [17/8/2012]
Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger is so worn it has become dangerous to use.

Stavanger Skaters To Texas [17/3/2012]
Four skateboarders are part of a group from Stavanger, visitin Texas for Stavanger Days.

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2017: Paradis Skatehall [1/11/2017]

2016: Paradis Skatehall [5/4/2016]

2009: Stavanger Skatehall [23/3/2009]

2009: Stavanger Skatehall [23/3/2009]

2009: Stavanger Skatehall [23/3/2009]

2009: Stavanger Skatehall [23/3/2009]

2009: Websites [21/3/2009]