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Dampsaga Skatehall was an indoor skatepark in Lillehammer, Norway. It is now gone!

Also known as: Lillehammer Skatehall / Dampsaga Skatepark / Lillehammer Skatepark

2017: Event Flyers
Dampasaga Xmas Jam Poster.

2017: Event Flyers

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Lillehammer Indoor Skatepark Collapse [16/2/2018]
The new indoor skatepark in Lillehammer has collapsed. No one was injured, but the skatepark is lost.

Lillehammer Completes Indoor Skatepark [23/12/2017]
The new indoor skatepark in Lillehammer has been completed in time for the Xmas Jam.

Dampsaga Xmas Jam 2017 [23/12/2017]
Dampsaga Skatehall invites to a christmas jam on 26th December, 2017.


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2018: Dampsaga Skatehall: Show Picture
Collapsed indoor skatepark in Lillehammer, Norway. Photo by Lillehammer Skateboardklubb.

2017: Dampsaga Skatehall: Show Picture
Indoor skatepark completed. Photo by Lillehammer Skateklubb.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Dampasaga Xmas Jam Poster.

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Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2017/2018 [26/11/2017]
Its winter, so time to take another look at whats happening with the indoor skateparks in Norway this season.

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