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Injury is damage or harm caused to the structure or function of the body caused by an outside agent or force, which may be physical or chemical.

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2009: Various
How Safe Is Skateboarding. Picture By Tony Hawk Foundation.

2009: Various

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Skateboarders and CTE [2/9/2018]
Jenkem Mag looks at CTE in skateboarding.

Road to Recovery Episode 1: The Terrible Triad [9/7/2018]
Follow Paul Rodriguez journey throughout this series.

Fatal Skateboard Accident In Moss [20/6/2018]
A skateboarder in Moss died after falling while skating in the street.


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2009: Various: Show Picture
How Safe Is Skateboarding. Picture By Tony Hawk Foundation.

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Canton Skater Dies After Skitching Accident [6/10/2017]
A 16-year-old boy from Canton, Ohio, died from injuries after a skitching accident.

The Dolores Dash 2017 Recap [15/7/2017]
An informal skateboarding competition turned disruptive and confrontational at Dolores Park in San Francisco when police rushed in to break up the show and a crowd of nearly 400 faced off with them.

Reactions To Oslo Tram Skitcher [2/7/2016]
A longboarder in Oslo made the news after he skitched behind one of the city trams.

How skateboarding saved Sean Mortimers life [4/12/2015]
Sean Mortimer credits a lifetime of skateboarding for his survival after a bike accident three years ago.

Skateboarding Timeline [10/8/2015]
Here is a timeline of historic skateboarding events.

Injuries at Gjvik Skatepark [18/7/2014]
The hospital in Gjvik reports an increase in minor injuries after the new skatepark opened.

Skateboard Schools in Sweden 2010 [6/12/2010]
Four schools in Sweden offers their students to combine skateboarding and education, attracting skaters from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Fuck It Oslo Premier [4/11/2010]
The snowboard movie Fuck It premiers in Oslo today. Here is some information about the events and the movie.

ESC 2010 Results and Footage [9/8/2010]
The 10th etnies European Skateboard Championships was being held in Basel, Switzerland, recently. Here are the results and footage from the event.

TAC 2010 Results and Footage [8/3/2010]
The 6Star The Oakley Arctic Challenge event was held in Oslo, Norway, recently. Here are restults and footage.

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2003: Stylist [24/5/2007]