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Outdoor skatepark in Skien.

Also known as: Skien Skatepark

2013: Lundedalen Skatepark
Skatepark in Skien, Norway.

2013: Lundedalen Skatepark

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150.000 For Lundedalen Skatepark [18/5/2015]
Greenland Skateboardklubb has gotten 150.000 kr to upgrade the skatepark in Lundedalen.

Fire at Lundedalen Skatepark [23/6/2014]
There has been a fire at the skatepark under the bridge in Lundedalen.

Spotcheck: Lundedalen Skatepark 2013 [25/11/2013]
Here is a picture from the skatepark under the bridge in Skien.


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2011: Lundedalen Skatepark
Eirik Skaug ripper rampa i Lundedalen
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2010: Lundedalen Skatepark
Lundedalen skate montage - A little skate montage i made yesterday :) Skaters: Adrian, Kenneth, Preben and Simon. Filmed by: Adrian Gilberg. Filmed with Sony PD150, and edited in Adobe Premiere. Enjoy!
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2009: Lundedalen
Eirik og William skater. Vid/Red Eirik og William
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2013: Lundedalen Skatepark: Show Picture
Skatepark in Skien, Norway.

2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Session 1 year contest flyer.

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Levi Bjelde at Lundedalen Skatepark [27/3/2012]
3 Trick Tuesday with Levi Bjelde at Lundedalen

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