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Vision Street Wear is an American apparel and footwear company.

Also known as: Vision [short title]

1989: Advertisments
Vision Street Wear | Gonz Ad

1989: Advertisments

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Vision Street Wear Discontiued in Norway [25/10/2009]
Seems like Curious Mins are discontinuing Vision Street Wear in Norway.

Holla Rips 2008 Postponed [24/7/2008]
Due to heavy rain, the vert and miniramp contests at Holla Rips 2008 was postponed until saturday 26. july.

Holla Rips 2008 [16/7/2008]
This saturday it is time for the second annual Holla Rips vert and miniramp contest/demo at Holla Skatepark in Ulefoss. Read more about the event here.


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1988: Commercials
vision streetwear clothing commercial
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1988: Vision Pro Skate Escape
Christian Hosoi accepts his $5,000 check for winning the contest. Afterwards, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers perform "Mommy Wheres Daddy" at the 1988 Vision Pro Skate Escape in Irvine CA.
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1988: Vision Pro Skate Escape
1988 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fight Like A Brave - Live Irvine CA Vision Pro Skate Escape
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1991: Advertisments: Show Picture
Vision Street Wear | Joe Gruber

1990: Advertisments: Show Picture
Vision | Gator

1989: Advertisments: Show Picture
Vision Street Wear | Gator

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Mike V Back With Airwalk [17/4/2011]
According to a press release, Mike Vallely has returned to the brand he rode for in 1988 to help design limited-edition products for the brands 25th anniversary collection.

The Justme Stickertoss Round Two [8/10/2009]
We have started up the second round of The Justme Website Stickertoss, with an all new system and new rules. Check it out here.

Holla Rips 2009 Vert [13/7/2009]
The vert contest was postponed at Holla Rips III due to the rain. A new date has been set. Here is the information.

Holla Rips 2009 Program [3/7/2009]
The third annual Holla Rips skateboard contest goes down in Telemark this weekend. Here is some information.

Holla Rips 2009 [20/6/2009]
The third annual Holla Rips skateboard contest is set to be held in Ulefoss next month. Here is some information.

Tas Pappas Vision Street Wear Interview [5/8/2001]
Vision Team Manager Big Mike Interviews Tas Pappas.

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