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Antihero is a skateboard deck company.

Also known as: Anti-Hero Skateboards / Anti Hero Skateboards

2008: Advertisments
Girl x Antihero Series

2008: Advertisments

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Team Update: Anti Hero Pro Austin Kanfoush [5/7/2018]
Austin Kanfoush is now pro on Anti Hero.

P Stone Board Surprise [9/9/2017]
This was May 26th 2017. Antihero surprised Preston with his custom big dog model.

John Cardiel and Brian Anderson Interview [21/11/2016]
A short conversation with John Cardiel and Brian Anderson.


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2016: Welcome Videos
Robbie Russo Is Now Pro For Antihero from Antihero Skateboards.
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2015: The Conversation
The Conversation / Robbie Russo & Jeff Grosso
Play This Video

2015: The Conversation
The Conversation / Frank Gerwer & Andrew Allen
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2015: Various: Show Picture
Robbie Russo Pro with Anti Hero

2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Girl x Antihero Series

2013: Advertisments: Show Picture
Jason Jesse Ad

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