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Sweet Skateboards is a Swedish skate and streetwear brand.

Also known as: Sweet SKTBS

2012: Advertisments
Gustav Tnnesen Sweet Welcome

2012: Advertisments

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The Kingpin Sweet Gone Sour Interview [1/2/2015]
Just before the start of 2015 Kingpin Magazine had a chat with TM Björn Holmenas and long time rider Erik J Pettersson about why Sweet has gone Sour and what they have decided to do about it.

Hans De Keyser Joins Sweet [31/8/2014]
Belgian skater Hans De Keyser has joined Sweet Skateboards. Here is the clip.

Emil Haarhj on Sweet [10/10/2012]
Sweet Skateboards has welcomed Emil Haarhj to their team. Here is the welcome video.


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2012: Welcome Videos
Sweet Skateboards welcomes Emil Haarhj
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2011: Tour Videos
Berlin 2011 by sweet skateboards
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2011: Skateboard Movies
The Sour Video
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2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Gustav Tnnesen Sweet Welcome

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Josef Scott Jatta Turns Pro.

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Bright European Skateboard Awards 2013 [13/1/2013]
The second annual Bright European Skateboard Awards ceremony will take place in Berlins Babylon Kino, on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

Gustav Tnnesen on Junkyard [29/5/2012]
Junkyard has officially welcomed Gustav Tnnesen to the team. Here is the welcome video.

Shortcuts: Kristofer Hallgren [21/5/2009]
Kristofer Koffe Hallgren presents the trick for this years second round in the King of Skate online event. Here is the shortcuts checkout.

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