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Vika Skatepark was a temporary skatepark in Oslo, Norway. It is now gone.

Also known as: Vestbanen Skatepark / Oslo Skatepark / Vestbanen Miniramps / Vika Miniramps

2011: Event Flyers
Vika Skatepark Opening Flyer

2011: Event Flyers

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Vika Skatepark Is Gone [31/1/2014]
Vika Skatepark has been taken down as the site is being used for the new national museum.

Rdhuset Best Trick 2013 Results [21/10/2013]
The best trick contest at Rdhuset was moved to Vika Skatepark due to rain. Here are the results.

Volcom Sausage Fest Vika 2013 [1/8/2013]
Volcom is arranging a sausage fest at Vika Skatepark today. Here is the information.


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2014: Vika Skatepark: Show Picture
Construction has started on the site where Vika Skatepark used to sit.

2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Volcom Sausage Fest Vika Oslo Norway

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
ViKarsten Event Flyer

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New miniramp in Frognerkilen [11/5/2014]
A new miniramp is being built at Frognerkilen in Oslo, Norway.

NORB NM 2013 Program [updated] [11/7/2013]
Here is the program for this years Norwegian Skateboard Championships in Oslo.

Volcom Sausage Fest 2012 Oslo [20/6/2012]
Volcom, Session and Oslo Skateforening invites to a sausage fest in Oslo for midsummer eve.

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2014: Vika Skatepark [11/5/2014]