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Klosterenga Skulpturpark is a park with decorative stones and sculptures in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Den Flerkulturelle Plass / Skulpturparken / Skulptur Parken / Oslo Skulpturpark / Elefantparken / Kinaparken / Buddha-parken

2009: Vox Elefantparken
Crowd chilling at Klosterenga Skulpturpark in Oslo, Norway.

2009: Vox Elefantparken

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Spotcheck: Elefantparken May 2018 [14/5/2018]
A couple pics from Klosterenga Skulpturpark.

Oslo Spring 2016 [21/3/2016]
March is getting warmer every year, and in Oslo the snow has either melted or been removed by force from most of the parks and spots. Skate is on!

NORB NM 2013 Dickies Olliefant [29/7/2013]
Dickies is inviting to a best trick contest over the fountain at Elefantparken during the Norwegian skateboard championships.


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2013: NORB NM
NORB NM 2013 / Dickies Best Trick
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2012: Elefantparken
FSVB Presents: 5 triks med Marius Elephant Heigaard.
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2009: Oslo
Jon Harald Aspheim at Elefantparken in Oslo, Norway.
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2018: Elefantparken: Show Picture

2018: Elefantparken: Show Picture

2016: Klosterenga Skulpturpark: Show Picture
The fountain at Klosterenga.

Go Fish:

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Spotcheck: Elefantparken Ledges June 2012 [14/10/2012]
At Jarlegata in Klosterenga, Oslo, are a couple ledges. Here is some footage and information.

Spotcheck: Sinsenkrysset June 2008 [24/6/2008]
After discovering the slightly tilted walls along the pathway beneath the intersection, we brought our cameras and went up to Sinsenkrysset to try a few wallrides. Here are the pictures and clips from our visit.

Below are pictures that might be related, just not properly connected yet.

2009: Vox Elefantparken [30/7/2009]

2009: Vox Elefantparken [30/7/2009]

2009: Vox Elefantparken [30/7/2009]