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Gravis is an American footwear and bag company.

Also known as:

2009: Advertisments
Jake Johnson welcome to IVSK8.

2009: Advertisments

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The Burton Restructure [1/11/2012]
Last month Burton Snowboards announced that they are restructuring the company to focus more on their core businessl, including closing and scaling down some of their brands.

Kevin Terpening on Gravis [15/9/2012]
Gravis Footwear has welcomed Kevin Terpening to the team. Here is the clip.

Gravis Euro Tour 2010 [17/3/2010]
The Gravis team is touring Europe to celebrate the launch of the new Arto Saari pro model. Here is some information about the tour.


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2013: Tour Videos
Gravis Footwear | Rainy Seazon in 2013. Headed to Hokkaido. Precious time to skateboard in a beautiful landscape. Sapporo Vacation of Kenya Okuno and Shota Yamazaki.
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2012: Welcome Videos
Gravis Footwear introduces Kevin Terpening to the team. See more at
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2011: Various
Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter skating through the streets of Tokyo in the Filters by
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2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Gravis Footwear 2010 European Tour Event Flyer.

2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Dylan Rieder IVSK8 Ad.

2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Dylan Rieder Velcome to Gravis Footwear Ad.

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2010: Event Flyers [17/3/2010]