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2008: Websites
DC Shoes website in july.

2008: Websites

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DC PJ S LX Website [21/3/2009]
DC Shoes has launched a small website for their new PJ Ladd signature shoe model, where you can check out the detils and more. Here is some information.


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2009: Websites: Show Picture
DC PJ S LX Website: Main page.

2009: Websites: Show Picture
DC PJ S LX Website: Splash video page.

2009: Websites: Show Picture
DC PJ S LX Website: Entry page.

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Tiago Lemos DC Shoes Profile [11/11/2017]
Here is Tiago Lemos profile on the DC Shoes website.

DC Special Delivery Tour 2: Scandinavian Tour [20/7/2016]
DC Shoes has annouced that The Special Delivery Tour II will be in Scandinavy, stopping in the most influent cities and skate spots in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Jagger Eaton DC Shoes Profile [4/10/2013]
Jagger Eatons profile on the DC Shoes website.

Team Update: DC Shoes [15/1/2012]
DC introduces Mike Mo Capaldi and Nyjah Huston to the DC Skate Team with the brand new Rediscover DC campaign for 2012.

DC Riot Tour EU 2011 Footage [4/7/2011]
The DC team visited Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden during the DC Riot Tour EU. Here is footage from all the stops.

DC Canadian Pop Tour 2010 [1/10/2010]
The second leg of the DC POP UP TOUR kicks off today. Here is some information on the schedule.

Last Times at Carlsbad High [6/4/2010]
Transworld Magazine recently arranged a final event at the famous Carlsberg Gap before its demolition. Here are the results and some information.

DC Welcomes Julian Wilson [27/2/2010]
DC Shoes has welcomed surfer Julian Wilson to their elite team. Here is the welcome clip and some information.

DC Europe Tour 2008 Footage [5/12/2008]
The DC Shoes skateboard team traveled Europe doing demos this summer. Here is a photo series from the tour.

PJ Ladd on DC Shoes [31/1/2008]
DC Shoes has welcomed Boston skater PJ Ladd to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

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