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Steve Caballero is an American professional skateboarder, artist and musician.

Also known as: Cab [nickname] / Stevie [nickname]

Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero

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Steve Caballero Independent Interview [10/3/2019]
Since 1978 40 Years of Ads Book Interview with Steve Caballero.

Steve Caballero: My Indys [4/3/2019]
Steve Caballero: My Indys | Independent Trucks

Steve Caballero Behind The Ad [25/12/2018]
The Legendary Steve Caballero at Alga Norte Park working on a Powell Peralta ad for Thrasher Magazine.


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2015: Interviews
Steve Caballero Interview - Nothing to run to
Play This Video

2016: Interviews
Steve Caballero Now You Know
Play This Video

2016: Welcome Videos
BONES WHEELS Welcomes Steve Caballero
Play This Video


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2017: Websites: Show Picture startpage.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Caballero SKVI Ad.

Steve Caballero: Show Picture

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Full Video: Future Primitive (1985) [1/6/2019]
Powell Peralte presents Future Primitive.

Full Video: Bones Brigade Video Show [18/5/2019]
Bones Brigade Video Show full video.

Video Part: Bone Brigade Video Show Contests [18/5/2019]
Bones Brigade Video Show Chapter 10 Contests.

Video Part: Bones Brigade Video Show MountainManor [18/5/2019]
Bones Brigade Video Show Chapter 8. Mountain Manor.

Video Part: Bones Brigade Video Show Ditch Session [18/5/2019]
Bones Brigade Video Show Chapter 4 Ditch Session.

Vans Pool Party 2019 Results and Footage [7/5/2019]
Results and footage from the Vans Pool Party.

All Day with Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk [21/1/2019]
Spend the day behind the scenes with Steve Caballero, which culminates with him and Tony Hawk trying a treacherous doubles en route to the latest Independent Trucks ad in Thrasher Magazine.

Video Parts: Steve Caballero in Class of 2000 [15/11/2018]
In honor of Cabs birthday, Bones Bearings have uploaded his footage from the Class of 2000 video.

Skaters Favorite Skater Steve Caballero Episode [12/9/2018]
Sit down with the legend himself, Steve Caballero and get the scoop on two of his favorite skatersone of his all-time favorites and one of his current favorites. See who they are right here in the latest Skaters Favorite Skater episode.

Tony Hawks Loop Challenge Live [26/8/2018]
Tony Hawks Loop Challenge is being shown live on NextVR.

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Steve Caballero Skateboarding [26/9/2007]

Steve Caballero [26/9/2007]