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Dank Magazine 02

Second issue of the Norwegian skateboard magazine Dank.

Magazine Articles

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Transworld Skateboarding Ceases Print [3/10/2019]
After acquiring 14 titles from TEN: Publishings Adventure Sports Network last month, American Media has announced the closing of Transworld Snowboarding, and the cease of the printed edition of Transworld Skateboarding..

TWS Puts Skateboarder Magazine Online [7/22/2017]
Check out the entire archive of Skateboarder Magazines Vol 1- Vol 6 online.

Playboard Shuts Down Magazine and Website [4/25/2017]
Playboard has announced that they are shutting down both the magazine and the website.

Lizzie Armanto TWS Cover [10/18/2016]
Lizzie Armanto is the first female skateboarder to get the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding.

Jenkem on Paper [7/19/2016]
Jenkem Mag is taking the step from online magazine onto paper, and Jenkem Vol 1 is coming in August.

Playboard Cuts Number Of Issues [5/27/2015]
As Playboard #72 hits the stores, the magazine announces that it will cut down to two larger issues each year, and supplement it with an updated website.

Dank #7 Release Party [6/6/2014]
The new issue of Dank Magazine is being released with a party at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo today.

Michael Sieben with Thrasher [5/14/2013]
Thrasher Magazine has hired Michael Sieben as their new Managing Editor.

Dank 1 Year Anniversary [3/25/2012]
The Norwegian Dank Magazine celebrates one year with their third issue and a party. Here is some infomation.

The Big List of Skateboard Magazines [2/5/2012]
A work in progress, but here is a list of skateboarding magazines from around the world.