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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Tour Footage: Spot! Pull Over [14/12/2018]
With faith and resilience the crew crossed the continent width and lengthwise, California to New York, over the course of a month strengthening themselves, stacking skate clips and lifelong memories.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Double Technical [12/12/2018]
Double Technical is Nike SBs five-day Paris mission for the Nike SB X NBA collection and SB Gato.

Full Video: Gotta Pray To Play Tour 2018 [12/12/2018]
The spot hunt never ends. Pittsburgh to Detroit, and everything in between, gets ignited by this epic Indy squad.

Tour Footage: Supras Oh Penny Where Art Thou [12/12/2018]
The Supra squad jetted down to Chile in hopes of tracking down the elusive Tom Penny. Contact was made and spots were stomped. Enjoy...

Tour Footage: NB Numerics Adriatic Axis [12/12/2018]
The NB Numeric team is deep, diverse, and dynamic and they devoured these appetizing Croatian spots without hesitation. Well done, dudes.

Tour Footage: Hockey Daytona Tijuana Ventura [11/12/2018]
Daytona Tijuana Ventura

Tour Footage: Volcoms Road Rager Larry vs the Kid [11/12/2018]
Volcom revved up the Wanderlodge, loaded up their team of heavy-hitters, and set out for another jaunt around the States. This is a helluva tour vid!

Tour Footage: adidas Lunfardo [11/12/2018]
The adidas Skateboarding Latin American team skates through the streets of Buenos Aires guided by Lunfardo language the preferred slang in the Rio de La Plata area since the 19th Century.

Tour Footage: Fuck it Dude, Lets go Bowling [28/11/2018]
The Juice squad goes road trippin across the USA with a van full of rippers shredding killer spots and scorching urethane. Good times!

Tour Footage: Half-Way Through [28/11/2018]
From New York to Pittsburgh, then Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Indiana, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Mannsville, then ending in Austin; Mark Suciu, Silas Baxter-Neal, Frankie Spears, and the homie Jazz hit the road for a classic road trip to skate and explore some of the lesser charted areas of the US.

Tour Footage: Nike SB X Delivery Selena [28/11/2018]
Deliverys Buenos Aires VX crew travel to Chile and meet the Argentina and Chilean Nike SB roster to skate the raw streets of Santiago and Valparaso.

Tour Footage: Chunk of Chocolate Vancouver [15/11/2018]
The Chocolate crew headed to the Great White North for some ripping and good times!

Tour Footage: Route One in South Africa [8/11/2018]
Early in 2018 the Route One skate team left the horrible English weather behind them in search for sunnier warm pastures. They found themselves travelling across South Africa with the intent to film as much as they could at the crazy spots South Africa had to offer.

Vans Park Series 2018 Season Recap Mens Pro Tour [28/10/2018]
As we head into the 2018 VPS Pro Finals in Suzhou, China we take a look back through the incredible season packed full of standout performances. From Pedro Barros landing on the podium at each stop, to breakout performances from Zion Wright, Tristan Rennie, Clay Kreiner and the last minute heroics from the 2017 World Champ Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg in his hometown of Malm, Sweden; its been one hell of a season. Relive it now.

Vans Park Series 2018 Season Recap Womens Pro Tour [28/10/2018]
The 2018 Womens Pro Tour took the worlds best womens skaters around the globe where they put on unmatched display of progressive skateboarding. Kick back and relive the action from an unforgettable year before we dive into the Pro Finals in Suzhou, China.

Tour Footage: Malm Skate Trip 2018 [23/10/2018]
Jrn Wiggo Nyberg, Kasina Nordby and Torstein Bratli brought 11 young, promising Norwegian skaters on a trip to Malmo, Sweden.

Tour Footage: adidas Germany Summer Rave [15/10/2018]
The German adidas squad in Berlin.

Tour Footage: adidas Oh L L Paname [13/10/2018]
From Notre-Dame to Rpublique and everywhere in between, Oh L L Paname follows the adidas team through the the streets of Paris.

Tour Footage: Magenturk [13/10/2018]
Cruising through Istanbul, Turkey with Magenta Skateboards.

Tour Footage: Supra Elevate Canadian Tour [13/10/2018]
To support the launch of Spencer Hamiltons new pro-model shoe, the Elevate, some of the Supra team jumped in the van and hit the road on a 10 day adventure across Canada.

Tour Footage: Session in Barcelona [7/10/2018]
Session Bergen and Session went on a trip to Barcelona. Despite 28 degrees and sunshine, there was a little skating between the breaks from the beach.

Tour Footage: Emericas Wet Hot Canadian Summer [27/9/2018]
This aint your average tour vid; this is an epic journey across the North with Emericas legendary squad. Demos were dusted, streets were scorched and brews were boozed. Hell yeah

Tour Footage: HUF x Spitfire Europe [22/9/2018]
Huf and Spit joined forces to barnstorm Europe, dusting up demos and shredding street in the celebration of a sweet collaboration.

Tour Footage: Tjme, Norway [13/9/2018]
Austyn Novy recaps his visit to Norway for Tjme Skategalla, including footage from Sandefjord Takedown, Oslo Skatehall and more.

Tour Footage: Madars Apse and Friends Skate Latvia [12/9/2018]
Madars Apse brings Nick Garcia, Josef Scott, Pat Duffy and Gosha Konyshev on a Baltic demo crusade, skating collapsed sea defences and eating Mums cooking.

Tour Footage: adidas Selva De Pedra Video [11/9/2018]
Some of the adidas homies headed to So Paulo for a Das Days premiere, and of course they came back with a grip of killer footy. If youre a fan of classic street-plaza destruction, youre gonna be stoked on this one.

Full Video: The Chocolate Tour (1999) [2/9/2018]
Crailtap has put out the full Chocolate Tour video from 1999.

Tour Footage: Das Days So Paulo [29/8/2018]
Das Days continues it journey across the globe with the most recent stop in So Paulo, Brazil. From the streets to the parks, join the team for a week of action bringing the entire skateboard community together.

Tour Footage: Skate Rock Cookin With A Concussion [18/8/2018]
Rowan and Frecks kick it off with a rip ride around Vietnam, meeting Ishod and the boys for an island hop to Bali destroying every spot in sight. Loud tunes, crusty spots and cold beer; Skate Rock Bali is one for the books!

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Blind Footage [15/8/2018]
Reigning Team Challenge champions Blind skateboards take top honors for their third year in a row. Trey Wood, Micky Papa, Yuto Horigome, and TJ Rogers filled up this years team roaster to defend their title. Peep the best of Blind Skateboards from the 2018 TransWorld SKATEboarding team challenge.

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