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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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The Sour Files Season 2 Episode 1 [23/5/2019]
The Sour Files have returned! After the much lauded success of Sour Solution II, Gustav Tnnesen is editing these weekly episodes to show what went on behind the scenes. Enjoy episode one.

Episode: Skateline 21-05-2019 [23/5/2019]
Shane Oneill April, Yuto Horigome Pro, Mark Suciu, Daewon Song, Aurelien Giraud, El Toro.

The Nine Club Episode 146 Jason Adams [21/5/2019]
Jason Adams discusses growing up in San Jose CA, skating everyday with Salman Agah, getting on Think Skateboards, leaving Creature to ride for Scarecrow, how he got the nickname The Kid, skating for Black Label, filming for the Enjoi video Bag Of Suck, Slappy Hour, his stencil art and much more!

Episode: Skateline 14-05-2019 [19/5/2019]
Chima and Robbies new footage, Chase Webb wins Real Street, Luan gets a slip-on and more in this episode of Skateline.

Skaters In Cars Jagger Eaton Episode [19/5/2019]
In the latest episode of Skaters In Cars, host Chris Nieratko travels to Mesa, Arizona to meet up with X Games Minneapolis Skateboard Street invite Jagger Eaton. From his start at X Games in Skateboard Big Air, to getting on the Team U.S.A. Olympic Skate Team, to playing hide and seek at Skateboard School, its all covered.

Rabalder Episode 2 Torgny Amdam Part 2 [14/5/2019]
Episode two of the Rabalder series is back with part two of the Torgny Amdam feature.

The Nine Club Episode 145 Billy Marks [13/5/2019]
Billy Marks discusses growing up in Corona CA, getting on The Firm, Ed Templeton asking him to ride for Toy Machine, filming for the Fallen video Ride The Sky, skating for LRG, Billys Balls, Filament Footwear, playing ice hockey with Mike Vallely, Thrashers King Of The Road, the return of Fallen Footwear, why you should never skate a board that he gives you and much more!

Rabalder Episode 1: Torgny Amdam [11/5/2019]
Torgny Amdam is the subject in the first episode of Per Christian Løvås new series on Norwegian skateboard history.

Loveletters Season 10 China Episode [11/5/2019]
Skateboarding is freedom. In 1989 when George Powell, the owner of Powell Peralta Skateboards, flew to Beijing China was transforming from a closed market Communist society to an open global super power. George had one goal: to bring skateboarding to the biggest country in the world. The only problem: there were no skaters or skateboards anywhere in China.

Episode: Skateline 07-05-2019 [11/5/2019]
Jamie Foy, Shane ONeill, Clive Dixon, Samarria Brevard, Nick Boserio, JWorth.

The Nine Club Episode 144 Tony Ferguson [7/5/2019]
Tony Ferguson discusses growing up in Ottawa Canada, moving to Vancouver, getting on Real Skateboards, filming for the Plan B Virtual Reality video, going on the first Europe Girl tour, filming for Goldfish and Mouse, alife footwear, starting his own footwear brand Rone and much more!

Manchilds Corner Episode 04 [7/5/2019]
Around the globe and back thru the lens of Manchs Killa Cam... Were doing a Manchilds Corner, bitch!

Panda Patrol Episode 7 Taiwan Typhoon [1/5/2019]
The Panda squadron savors the marbled paradise of Taiwan, forcing you to ask yourself why you havent booked a ticket out there yet.

Episode: Skateline 30-04-2019 [1/5/2019]
RIP Pablo PSpliff Ramirez, Louie Lopez on FA, Jaakko Ojanen Pro, Jamie Foy, Chase Webb.

Atlantic Drift Episode 9 Athens [1/5/2019]
The Drifters storm across the Mediterranean and do it their way in the streets of Attica. This might be the best episode yet...

The Nine Club Episode 143 Keith Hufnagel [1/5/2019]
Keith Hufnagel discusses growing up in New York, making sponsor me videos with Keenan Milton, getting on Fun Skateboards, moving to San Francisco, riding for Real Skateboards, filming for the FTC video, Starting HUF and much more!

Episode: Skateline 23-04-2019 [26/4/2019]
Girls Gone Wild, Guy Mariano, Daan Van Der Linden, Max Geronzi, Miika Adamov, Avengers

The Nine Club Episode 142 Andy Roy [25/4/2019]
Andy Roy discusses growing up in Santa Cruz CA, riding for Santa Cruz Skateboards, a hellish 2 month tour with Consolidated around the US, riding for Antihero, getting addicted to drugs, life in prison, his new teeth, stealing from Deluxe, Sobriety, his new podcast RipRide and much more!

The Nine Club Episode 141 Grant Yansura Episode [16/4/2019]
Grant Yansura discusses growing up in West Palm Beach Florida, filming sponsor me videos for his friends, making his first video Cosmic Vomit, moving out to California, getting a job at The Berrics, Weekendtage segments, working with Jason Hernandez on the Nike videos Chronicles 2 and 3, starting WKND Skateboards, filming skits and much more!

Skaters In Cars Mason Silva Episode [16/4/2019]
In the latest episode of Skaters In Cars, host Chris Nieratko travels to Manhattan Beach, California to meet up with X Games Real Street 2019 competitor Mason Silva.

The Nine Club Episode 140 Geoff Rowley [15/4/2019]
Geoff Rowley discusses growing up in Liverpool England, getting on Deathbox Skateboards, coming to California for the first time, getting the cover of Transworld for the first time, quitting Airwalk to ride for Vans, designing his first vans shoe, filming for the Flip videos, almost dying in the back of an ambulance, skating the Staples Center hubba, the Vans Propeller video, his board company FreeDome and much more!!

Episode: Skateline 02-04-2019 [15/4/2019]
Mark Suciu, Youness Amrani, Sascha Daley, Hakeem Duckworth, Sergio Santoro.

The Nine Club Episode 139 Nick Dompierre [15/4/2019]
Nick Dompierre discusses growing up in New Bedford, MA, skating for 5boro, getting on Real Skateboards, his pro Adio shoe, getting caught up with alcohol and drugs, skating for DC shoe co, breaking his neck in a freak accident, being in coma for two weeks, getting into weight training, his YouTube channel, modeling and much more!

Sewa Kroetkov LA Days Episode 1 [1/4/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov LA Days Episode 1: Where my Los Angeles journey started.

Episode: Skateline 26-03-2019 [1/4/2019]
Chris Joslin, Olympic Skateboarding, Mason Silva, Nyjah Huston, Jagger Eaton.

The Nine Club Episode 138 Mike Vallely [1/4/2019]
Mike Vallely discusses growing up in New Jersey, going to his first Black Flag show, getting on Powell-Peralta, Stacy Peralta wanting to turn him pro after one year, the Savannah Slamma contest, getting on World Industries, his Barnyard board, Steve Rocco, getting back on Powell, him becoming the lead singer of Black Flag, his company Street Plant and much more!

Leticia Bufoni Until 18 Episode [21/3/2019]
Leticia Bufonis Journey To The Top Of Skating.

Episode: Skateline 19-03-2019 [21/3/2019]
Luan Oliveira, Clive Dixon, Carlos Ribeiro, Max Geronzi, Pyramid Country.

The Nine Club Episode 137 Alphonzo Rawls [21/3/2019]
Alphonzo Rawls discusses being born in Bangkok Thailand, moving to Oceanside CA at 4 years old, Stealing wood to make ramps, getting on H-Street, his part in Hokus Pokus, nose slide down an 18 stair rail, Evol Skateboards, getting on Bitch Skateboards, designing shoes for Kastel, Duffs and DC, helping to start Expedition Skateboards, starting his own brand Everybody Skates and much more!

Episode: Skateline 12-03-2019 [21/3/2019]
Tyshawn Jones SOTY, Rowan Zorilla, Shawn Hale, Chris Russell,

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