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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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The Nine Club Episode 135 Jason Jessee [10/3/2019]
Jason Jessee discusses his controversy over the last year. He puts everything on the table to tell his side of the story.

Episode: Skateline 26-02-2019 [4/3/2019]
Mark Suciu, Sour Street Loop, Gustav Tnnesen, Eli Reed, Zered Bassett.

The Nine Club Episode 134 Kevin Romar [4/3/2019]
Kevin Romar discusses growing up in Cypress CA, getting on flow for Powell, flowed by Popwar, trying nollie back 360 down Wallenberg, getting on Blind, riding for es footwear for a minute then going to Supra, breaking his jaw, filming for the Blind video Damn, turning pro for Blind, DJing for Hopsin and much more!

Until 18 Episode 02 Season 01 Sandro Dias [4/3/2019]
Desk Job Or Skateboarding Job? | Until 18 w/ Sandro Dias

Episode: Skateline 12-02-2019 [3/3/2019]
Chris Haslam, Nyjah Huston, Louie Lopez, Jaakko Ojanen, Boo Johnson.

The Nine Club Episode 133 Bobby Puleo [3/3/2019]
Bobby Puleo discusses growing up in New Jersey, his first sponsor Nimbus Skateboards, getting his spleen removed, his stint on Zoo York, living in San Francisco filming for the FTC video, riding for Stereo Skateboards, turning pro for Mad Circle, moving back to New York and getting on Infamous Skateboards, Marc Johnson calling him to ride for Enjoi and much more!

True Grit: Jake Wooten Episode [15/2/2019]
Jake Wooten Perseveres Against All Odds

The Nine Club Episode 132 Chris Haslam [13/2/2019]
Chris Haslam discusses growing up in Ontario Canada, moving to Singapore when he was 11 years old, getting on World Industries distributor flow, riding for Deca Skateboards then Artafact, filming for Almost Round Three, Cheese And Crackers, getting on Globe, why he left Almost and Globe, almost dying from kidney failure, filming for his new Independent video part Sterling Golden, his new board company Brain Child and much more!

SkateHoarders Jason Rothmeyer Episode [13/2/2019]
Transworlds good friend and former 90s pro Jason Rothmeyer let them dig around his garage and house to see what hes been hoarding all these years from Santa Cruz skateboards flow boxes, old VHSs, magazines, t-shirts and more. Thanks Jason. enjoy.

Gridlock Episode 2 [13/2/2019]
Kevin Braun anchors the second installment of Gridlock, highlighting the bountiful Bay Area terrain with a top-notch cast of homies.

Skaters Favorite Skater Fabiana Delfino Episode [13/2/2019]
Fabiana Delfino has been making her mark on skateboarding big time over this past year. Shes one of Transworlds favorite new skaters on the scene. Be on the lookout for more radness from her in the future and click play to see who her favorite skater is. Thanks Fabiana!

The Nine Club Episode 131 Tommy Sandoval [11/2/2019]
Tommy Sandoval discusses growing up in Chula Vista CA, his love for Micheladas, hustling for boards, his first sponsor Germ Skateboards, how he got on Zero Skateboards, trying to frontside flip the UC Davis gap, his time on Fallen Footwear, filming a new part in Mexico, buying a limo, skating for Weedmaps, filming for the new Zero video Damn it all and much more!

Episode: Skateline 08-02-2019 [11/2/2019]
10 Y/O Hits El Toro, Louie Lopez Leaves Flip, Koston, Deedz, Guy Mariano.

SkateHoarders Jason Rothmeyer Episode [11/2/2019]
Former 90s pro Jason Rothmeyer lets Transworld dig around his garage and house to see what hes been hoarding all these years from Santa Cruz skateboards flow boxes, old VHSs, magazines, t-shirts and more. Thanks Jason. enjoy.

The Nine Club Episode 130 Tom Knox [11/2/2019]
Tom Knox discusses growing up in London, his dad driving a lost Josh Kasper to a demo, getting on Blueprint Skateboards, Paul Shier asking him to ride for Isle Skateboards, filming for Isles first video Vase, being on the Europe Emerica team, getting on New Balance, how the video series Atlantic Drift came about, riding for Dickies and much more!

Episode: Skateline 29-01-2019 [11/2/2019]
Tiago Lemos, Shane ONeill Co, Chris Cookie Colbourn, Milton Martinez.

Skaters Favorite Skater Steve Brandi Episode [11/2/2019]
Hopps Skateboards Steve Brandi gives you the lowdown on his favorite skater. Click play to find out who it is. Thanks Steve!

Gronze Island Episode 3 Sao Miguel [27/1/2019]
Max Geronzi and crew drop anchor in the Azores with a couple special guests in tow, bulldozing the islands spots until Deedz unleashes one of the best enders youre ever gonna see.

Episode: Skateline 22-01-2019 [27/1/2019]
Chris Joslin, Kader Sylla Pro, Jaakko Ojanen, Alexis Sablone, Andrew Reynolds.

Skaters Favorite Skater Tommy Sandoval Episode [27/1/2019]
Tommy Sandoval, one of the gnarliest skaters of all-time lets you know who his favorite skater is. Click play and find out!

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 03 [20/1/2019]
Episode 3: 360 Flip The Ripple Effect of the Villa Park Skate Park.

The Nine Club Episode 128 Brandon Westgate| [20/1/2019]
Brandon Westgate discusses growing up in New England, getting on 5Boro Skateboards, turning pro for Zoo York, leaving Emerica after 12 years, his cranberry farm, quitting drinking, filming for the Element Peace Video, his New Balance pro shoe and much more!

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 02 [20/1/2019]
Episode 2: Skatepark Civics 101 Construction of Public Skateparks.

SkateHoarders Mike Sinclair Episode [20/1/2019]
Ex-Zorlac pro and current Nike SB and Tum Yeto Team Manager, Mike Sinclair has been in the game for a long time now and is a good friend. So Transworld stopped by his house to dig around and see what goods he was keeping stashed away.

Skaters Favorite Skater Marius Syvanen Episode [20/1/2019]
One of our all-round favorite skaters, Marius Syvanen lets you know who is favorite skater is. Click play and find out!

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 01 [20/1/2019]
Episode 1: Sk8, Motiv8, Activ8 Struggles of a Suburban Skate Activist

Skaters Favorite Skater Cyrus Bennett Episode [10/1/2019]
917 and Nike SB pro, Cyrus Bennett, is one of our favorite skaters. He has a unique style, power, and charges it all the time, so we wanted to know who was his favorite. So, here you go.

Episode: Skateline 08-01-2019 [9/1/2019]
Louie Lopez, Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Sebo Walker, Supreme, Douwe Macare

The Nine Club Episode 127 Lance Mountain [9/1/2019]
Lance Mountain discusses growing up in Alhambra CA, contests, turning pro for Variflex, getting on Powell-Peralta, Neil Blender, Stacy Peralta, offers from Steve Rocco, starting his own company The Firm, getting on Flip Skateboards, filming for Extremely Sorry, designing the Stussy x Nike collab shoe and much more!

Episode: Skateline 02-01-2019 [9/1/2019]
Tiago Lemos, CJ Collins, Silas Baxter Neal, Carlos Ribeiro, PJ Ladd

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