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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 03 [20/1/2019]
Episode 3: 360 Flip The Ripple Effect of the Villa Park Skate Park.

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 02 [20/1/2019]
Episode 2: Skatepark Civics 101 Construction of Public Skateparks.

Alexis Ramirez at San Ysidro Skatepark [20/1/2019]
Alexis Ramirez sesh at his home park in San Ysidro.

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 01 [20/1/2019]
Episode 1: Sk8, Motiv8, Activ8 Struggles of a Suburban Skate Activist

Night Session at Carmel Valley Skatepark [9/1/2019]
Mellow sesh at Carmel Valley skatepark with Sk8mafia.

Suzano Skatepark Official Opening Footage [9/1/2019]
On December 15, the inauguration of Skate Park in Suzano, a municipality in the state of So Paulo, was carried out by Davison Bob.

etnies Skatepark 15-year Anniversary Footage [31/12/2018]
The etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest celebrated its 15-year anniversary on Saturday, December 8th!

Thyborn Gets Skatepark [31/12/2018]
FSR Beton has built a skatepark in Thyborn, Denmark.

Black Santa Claus Visited Venice Beach Skatepark [25/12/2018]
Black Santa Claus visited Venice Beach Skateboard Park for Christmas wishlists

A REAL Happy Holiday at El Sereno Skatepark [23/12/2018]
The Real team spread the Holiday cheer to the locals at El Sereno Park.

New Skatepark In Gandrup [21/12/2018]
FSR Beton has built a skatepark at Gandrup Skole.

Blow n Up The Spot at Shockus Skatepark [21/12/2018]
When a sesh sparks up at OBs newly dubbed Shockus Park, its always a spectacle.

Lakai Oceanside Skatepark Demo [21/12/2018]
The Lakai team headed down to Prince Park in Oceanside, CA to skate, barbecue, and toss out a bunch of product. The guys ripped every inch of the park and hundreds of dogs were grilled for everyone that came out.

Slottsmollans Skatepark Completed [11/12/2018]
The indoor skatepark in Halmstad has been completed.

Independent Trucks at Modern Skatepark [11/12/2018]
The train keeps-a-rollin, and the Gotta Pray to Play crew aint stoppin.

New Lillestrm Skatepark Ready For Christmas [11/12/2018]
The new skatepark in Lillestrm will be ready for christmas.

Ragnarok Skatepark Stage 2 Completed [29/11/2018]
FSR Beton has finished the second stage of the skatepark in Jelling, Denmark.

Lillesand Gets Temporary Indoor Skatepark [29/11/2018]
The old indoor skatepark has closed, and the skaters in Lillesand got a new temporary park.

Poprad Skatepark Opening Footage [28/11/2018]
Poprad Skatepark Opening Footage

Kristiansund Loose Indoor Skatepark [28/11/2018]
The temporary indoor skatepark in Kristiansund is now closed, but they are trying to find a new location.

New School In Sr-Odal Gets Skatepark [28/11/2018]
A skatebowl is part of the plans for the new Glommasvingen Skole in Skarnes.

Sjbo Skatepark Opened and Approved [28/11/2018]
SKD talked to the users before the opening of the new Sjbo Skatepark.

Trondheim Plans New Skatepark [28/11/2018]
A new skatepark is being planned in Trondheim.

Jarez Skatepark Opening [15/11/2018]
Jarez Skatepark is being opened 5th December, 2018.

Fundraiser For Haugesund Indoor Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Haugesund Skateklubb are raising money for further operation and maintanance of the indoor skatepark.

Elverum Got New Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Betongpark has laid down some concrete in Elverum.

Moose at Vse Skatepark [8/11/2018]
A moose decided to try out the bowl at Vse Skatepark in Sweden.

Badet Skatepark Torn Down [8/11/2018]
The old skatepark in Eidsvoll has been torn down, to make way for a new park to be ready in 2019.

New Skatepark Opened in Tnder [8/11/2018]
New Skatepark Opened in Tnder, Denmark.

Sjbo Skatepark Official Opening [8/11/2018]
Sjbo Skatepark is being officially opened on 17th November 2018.

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