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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Last Pour at Kongsvinger Skatepark [12/7/2019]
Betongpark has finished the last pour at Kongsvinger Skatepark.

Brandval Skatepark For Sale [12/7/2019]
The skatepark at Brandval is being sold for 20.000 NOK.

Hvalstad Skatepark Construction [12/7/2019]
Betongpark has started building the new skatpark at Hvalstad Skole.

Make Life Skate Life Builds Skatepark In Brazil [12/7/2019]
After a successful fundraiser, Make Life Skate Lifes team of volunteers from Brazil, Colombia, Europe and the US has started building a new skatepark .

RIP Langkaia Skatepark [12/7/2019]
The asphalt bump spot at Langkaia in Oslo is being removed.

New Tvedestrand Skatepark Nears Completion [6/7/2019]
The new skatepark in Tvedestrand is getting done, but the area around is still a construction site.

Joey Brezinski at Redlands Skatepark [6/7/2019]
In this episode of Joey Brezinskis Official Skatepark Review, Joey and Rip make the mission out to Redlands, CA to see what their skatepark has to offer.

Clive Dixon and Friends at El Sereno Skatepark [6/7/2019]
Independent Trucks met up with Clive Dixon, Dario Mattarollo, and Milton Martinez at El Sereno Skatepark in Los Angeles, CA for 60 minutes in the park

New York City Gets New Skatepark [6/7/2019]
John Hill shows you the new skatepark built in Cypress Hills near Brookly, New York.

New Bod Skatepark Construction Start [4/7/2019]
Betongpark is starting construction of the new skatepark in Bod.

Rate Skateparks In The Spotguide [27/6/2019]
You can now rate the active skatepark listings.

Fysak Melkeplassen Skatepark Opening [22/6/2019]
Melkeplassen Skatepark is bein officially opened on Tuesday 25th June, 2019.

Lillehammer Skatepark Reopened [22/6/2019]
Strandpromenaden Skatepark in Lillehammer has been reopened after work in the area.

Vert Ramp Completed at Kjlnes Skatepark [22/6/2019]
The new vert ramp has been completed at the skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Jrpeland Skatepark Drawings [18/6/2019]
The new Jrpeland Skatepark could be ready in the fall of 2019.

Kongsberg Gets Temporary Skatepark [18/6/2019]
Kongsberg bought old pre-fabricated obstacles for a new temporary skatepark.

Kjlnes Skatepark Gets Miniramp [18/6/2019]
Thanks to generous donations the skatepark in Porsgrunn is getting a miniramp.

Klbu Could Get Skatepark [17/6/2019]
Klbu Kommunestyre has approved up to 7 millions for a skatepark, if the skaters can realise a skatepark in 2019.

Joey Brezinski at Yucaipa Skatepark [17/6/2019]
In this episode, Joey and Rip sat in two hours of traffic to check out the... very interesting, Yucaipa Skatepark.

Skatepark Money For Frakkagjerd [17/6/2019]
The planned skatepark in Tysvær got 450.000 NOK from Sparebankstiftelsen.

Lillestrm Skatepark Is Not A Playground [17/6/2019]
Lillestrm Skatepark Is Not A Playground

Slurpen Skatepark Construction [7/6/2019]
Betongpark is building a new skatepark in Oslo.

Street Money For Bromsjordet Skatepark [7/6/2019]
Horten Skateboardklubb has received 150.000 NOK to update the street course at Bromsjordet Skatpark.

Saves Indoor Skatepark in Jessheim [9/6/2019]
The indoor skatepark in Jessheim has been saved from closure.

Torshov Skatepark Gets Mid Vert [7/6/2019]
A 3,10 meters tall and 7-8 meters wide mid-vert ramp is planned at Torshovdalen in Oslo.

Olav Thygesen at Heistadmoen Skatepark [3/6/2019]
Olav Thygesen 1 hour session at Heistadmoen skatepark.

Tasta Skatepark Timeline 1999-2018 [3/6/2019]
NORB has shared a timeline picture from Tasta Skatepark.

Summer at Sandefjord Skatepark [3/6/2019]
Sandefjord Skatepark Summer Is Here.

Video Part: Ban This Skateparks [3/6/2019]
Powell Peralta Presents Ban This Ch. 17 Skateparks.

Lten Skatepark Gets Torn Down [25/5/2019]
The old skatepark in Lten is being replaced, and is being torn down these days.

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