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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Go Fast Skatepark Drone Video [15/2/2019]
GO FAST skatepark in Riva del garda, Italy.

Petition For Skatepark In Koupio [11/2/2019]
The city decided not to build the planned skatepark, and skaters in Koupio have started a petition to show decicion makers that the planned skatepark should be built.

Kristiansund Gets Outdoor, Not Indoor Skatepark [10/2/2019]
A new 2,3 million NOK concrete skatepark is being built in Vgen this spring. This means there will be no new indoor skatepark in this round, but preperations will be made to add a roof at a later time.

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 03 [20/1/2019]
Episode 3: 360 Flip The Ripple Effect of the Villa Park Skate Park.

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 02 [20/1/2019]
Episode 2: Skatepark Civics 101 Construction of Public Skateparks.

Alexis Ramirez at San Ysidro Skatepark [20/1/2019]
Alexis Ramirez sesh at his home park in San Ysidro.

The Skatepark: Concrete Dreams Episode 01 [20/1/2019]
Episode 1: Sk8, Motiv8, Activ8 Struggles of a Suburban Skate Activist

Night Session at Carmel Valley Skatepark [9/1/2019]
Mellow sesh at Carmel Valley skatepark with Sk8mafia.

Suzano Skatepark Official Opening Footage [9/1/2019]
On December 15, the inauguration of Skate Park in Suzano, a municipality in the state of So Paulo, was carried out by Davison Bob.

etnies Skatepark 15-year Anniversary Footage [31/12/2018]
The etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest celebrated its 15-year anniversary on Saturday, December 8th!

Thyborn Gets Skatepark [31/12/2018]
FSR Beton has built a skatepark in Thyborn, Denmark.

Black Santa Claus Visited Venice Beach Skatepark [25/12/2018]
Black Santa Claus visited Venice Beach Skateboard Park for Christmas wishlists

A REAL Happy Holiday at El Sereno Skatepark [23/12/2018]
The Real team spread the Holiday cheer to the locals at El Sereno Park.

New Skatepark In Gandrup [21/12/2018]
FSR Beton has built a skatepark at Gandrup Skole.

Blow n Up The Spot at Shockus Skatepark [21/12/2018]
When a sesh sparks up at OBs newly dubbed Shockus Park, its always a spectacle.

Lakai Oceanside Skatepark Demo [21/12/2018]
The Lakai team headed down to Prince Park in Oceanside, CA to skate, barbecue, and toss out a bunch of product. The guys ripped every inch of the park and hundreds of dogs were grilled for everyone that came out.

Slottsmollans Skatepark Completed [11/12/2018]
The indoor skatepark in Halmstad has been completed.

Independent Trucks at Modern Skatepark [11/12/2018]
The train keeps-a-rollin, and the Gotta Pray to Play crew aint stoppin.

New Lillestrm Skatepark Ready For Christmas [11/12/2018]
The new skatepark in Lillestrm will be ready for christmas.

Ragnarok Skatepark Stage 2 Completed [29/11/2018]
FSR Beton has finished the second stage of the skatepark in Jelling, Denmark.

Lillesand Gets Temporary Indoor Skatepark [29/11/2018]
The old indoor skatepark has closed, and the skaters in Lillesand got a new temporary park.

Poprad Skatepark Opening Footage [28/11/2018]
Poprad Skatepark Opening Footage

Kristiansund Loose Indoor Skatepark [28/11/2018]
The temporary indoor skatepark in Kristiansund is now closed, but they are trying to find a new location.

New School In Sr-Odal Gets Skatepark [28/11/2018]
A skatebowl is part of the plans for the new Glommasvingen Skole in Skarnes.

Sjbo Skatepark Opened and Approved [28/11/2018]
SKD talked to the users before the opening of the new Sjbo Skatepark.

Trondheim Plans New Skatepark [28/11/2018]
A new skatepark is being planned in Trondheim.

Jarez Skatepark Opening [15/11/2018]
Jarez Skatepark is being opened 5th December, 2018.

Fundraiser For Haugesund Indoor Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Haugesund Skateklubb are raising money for further operation and maintanance of the indoor skatepark.

Elverum Got New Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Betongpark has laid down some concrete in Elverum.

Moose at Vse Skatepark [8/11/2018]
A moose decided to try out the bowl at Vse Skatepark in Sweden.

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