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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Kevin Baekkel Core Interview [10/8/2019]
Core Mag talked to Norwegian skateboarder Kevin Baekkel during Helride.

Ryan Sheckler TMZ Sports Interview [12/7/2019]
Is it possible the greatest skateboarder of all time doesnt get ENOUGH love??? Thats what skate superstar Ryan Sheckler thinks..telling TMZ Sports he thinks Tony Hawk isnt appreciated enough by the younger generation.

Steffen Austerheim Aftenbladet Interview [4/7/2019]
Aftenbladet talked to Norwegian Game of SKATE champion Steffen Austerheim.

Mark Gonzales Hypebeast Interview [4/7/2019]
Hypebeast meets up with artist Mark Gonzales in his Lower East Side studio. The Supreme team member still skates, but has mellowed from his raucous early years.

Charlotte Hym RedBull Checkout Full Part+Interview [4/7/2019]
Charlotte Hym is a leading light of the French female skate scene whos name is beginning to ring out elsewhere these days: see why in her international debut Checkout from Red Bull Skateboarding.

Tony Hawk VPS Interview [4/7/2019]
Vans Park Series sat down with Tony to discuss the evolution of park building and park skating as well as goal for Vans to leave permanent legacy parks for skate communities around the globe to enjoy.

Josh Kalis 20 Years Later Interview [4/7/2019]
Featuring Josh Kalis, Ryan Gee and Bill Strobeck.

Geoff Rowley Classic Tales Interview [22/6/2019]
Geoff Rowley tells us the inspirational tale of grinding the Staples Center hubba for the first time. He set up the shot and also hid a secret camera man in the bushes to capture the insanity.

Sky Brown Bloomberg Interview [22/6/2019]
Olympics organizers are hoping skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown will help lure younger viewers to the Tokyo Games in 2020.

Yndiara Asp (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
In this VPS Rider Profile Yndiara Asp talks about the skate scene in her home town of Florianpolis Brazil as well as the Vans Park Series Legacy Park here in So Paulo.

Pedro Barros (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
In this VPS Rider Profile, Pedro Barros the boss of the Brazilian skate scene talks about the skaters that influenced him as well as the impact of the So Paulo Legacy Skatepark

Murilo Peres (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
So Paulo local Murilo Peres gives us an insight into his favourite Brazilian skaters and the growth of the sport in his home country in this Vans Park Series athlete profile.

Vinicius Kakinho Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
Hailing from Florianopolis, Brazil under the guidance of Pedro Barros, Vi has been pushing park skating to a new level. Hear Vis thoughts on the skate scene in Brazil and how its progressing.

SLS 2019 London Global Qualifiers Interviews [28/5/2019]
SLS London Global Qualifiers, held at Bay66. Rob went around and annoyed old and new faces alike..

Lacey Baker Support Diversity Interview [28/5/2019]
Lacey Baker not only is one of the most progressive and well known female skateboarders but also one of the most influential and respected member of the LGBTQI community.

Kelvin Hoefler Afternposten Interview [28/5/2019]
Aftenposten talked to Kelvin Hoefler when he visited Oslo recently.

Tommy Andersen NORB Interview [18/5/2019]
NORB talked to local favorite Tommy Andersen before the Norwegian skateboard cup event in Sandefjorrd.

Full Video: 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien + Interview [13/5/2019]
Rave Skateboards 153 Rue Du Palais Gallien video

Andrew Allen Vans Classic Tales Interview [11/5/2019]
Andrew Allens local skatepark gets overrun by renegade rollerbladers who are addicted to waxing just about everything in the park. A dreadlocked Brazilian rollerblading Amazon woman becomes Andrews enemy and challenges him to a slippery skate off. She wins, but in the end she really loses.

Vert Attack 2019 Friday Interviews [22/4/2019]
Vert Attack XIII Friday interviews.

Vert Attack 2019 Prelim Interviews [22/4/2019]
Vert Attack XIII prelim interviews from SkateWine.

Mason Silva Interview [14/4/2019]
In this video we go to Masons place in Long Beach, CA and talk about his early inspirations that pushed him to film himself skating, then working on projects like Disorganized Fun with Andrew Freeman, then onto working on projects like his ending part in Elements PEACE. Mason grew up surfing and was always inspired by Dane Reynolds video parts. Dane recently put Mason on Former. We all went for a surf and a skate on a recent trip to Hawaii.

Jesse Alba Interview [14/4/2019]
Jesse is one of the most entertaining people to go skate with. He was recently in town for the holidays so Michael Cukr met up with him at his family house, and got to meet his dad, the one and only Steve Alba. Went skating and fingerboarding with his little brother Riley and then snuck Riley into a bar to play some pool. Along the way they talk about Frog Skateboards, Mike V, the new Frog skate film Killer Skaters 2, LA vs. NYC, and more. Enjoy!

Corey Duffel Interview [14/4/2019]
In this video Corey takes us on a tour through his hometown of Walnut Creek. We dig through his archives of old photos and and footage. Along the way he discusses being anorexic, being sober his entire life, getting into music, getting into skateboarding, approach then vs. now, turning pro, his current outlook and more.

Elijah Berle Vans Classic Tales Interview [1/4/2019]
The Chocolate team heads south to Nicaragua to visit Chico Brenes family home. Elijah is having a blast and decides to go on a beer run but ends up running for his life instead. Shotguns and cold ones.

Henry Gartland Am Scramble Interview + Rough Cut [21/3/2019]
Henry never backs down in the face of intimidating terrainits all-out slaughter every time he steps on the stuntwood.

Sebastian Silva Tacky Interview [21/3/2019] did an interview with Sebastian Silva in conjunction with him joining OSL Skateboards.

Brandon Westgate Jenkem Interview [21/3/2019]
Brandon Westgate Jenkem Interview

Silas Baxter-Neal Chrome Ball Interview [11/3/2019]
Silas Baxter-Neal Chrome Ball Interview

Steve Caballero Independent Interview [10/3/2019]
Since 1978 40 Years of Ads Book Interview with Steve Caballero.

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