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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Majorstua Skatepark Opening Footage [16/10/2018]
Majorstua Skatepark Official Opening Footage

Cobble Fall 2018 Best Trick Footage [16/10/2018]
Cobble Skateboards arranged a best trick contest at the indoor skatepark in Bergen.

Bod Girl Skate Camp 2018 Footage [16/10/2018]
Bod Girl Skate Camp 2018 Footage

Death Match NYC 2018 Footage [15/10/2018]
The bands were rocking, the pit electric and the ramp action just kept detonating. Thrasher brought the Death Match to NYC and NYC brought the high-octane energy. Until next time...

Tour Footage: adidas Germany Summer Rave [15/10/2018]
The German adidas squad in Berlin.

Gamlebyn Skate Fest 2018 Footage [14/10/2018]
Some footage from last months skate jam in Gamlebyen, Oslo, Norway.

Tour Footage: adidas Oh L L Paname [13/10/2018]
From Notre-Dame to Rpublique and everywhere in between, Oh L L Paname follows the adidas team through the the streets of Paris.

Tour Footage: Magenturk [13/10/2018]
Cruising through Istanbul, Turkey with Magenta Skateboards.

Tour Footage: Supra Elevate Canadian Tour [13/10/2018]
To support the launch of Spencer Hamiltons new pro-model shoe, the Elevate, some of the Supra team jumped in the van and hit the road on a 10 day adventure across Canada.

Alltimers Morning After Jam Footage [13/10/2018]
After a heavy few days in NYC, youd expect Sunday morning to be fairly chill. However, the level of skating remained sky high at Fat Kid park in BK. Cheers to everyone that rolled out.

Grind for Life 2018 Stop 9 Footage [13/10/2018]
Bradenton, Florida was the ninth stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street.

Suzano Skate Jam So Paulo Footage [13/10/2018]
Drop Dead distribution held an epic contest on the stairs of City Hall in So Paulo recently. With all the local talent battling it out for a chance to get fast tracked to Tampa Am, its no wonder the jam went off.

Tour Footage: Session in Barcelona [7/10/2018]
Session Bergen and Session went on a trip to Barcelona. Despite 28 degrees and sunshine, there was a little skating between the breaks from the beach.

Bryggeriet Skatepark School Opening 2018 Footage [7/10/2018]
Grand school opening at Bryggeriet skatepark 2018.

Hardies Can Jam NYC Footage [7/10/2018]
Thrasher Magazine teamed up with New York Citys own Tyshawn Jones for a jam-style contest in Brooklyn. One mans trash can is another mans skate spot.

Dime Glory Challenge Ishod vs Wade Footage [1/10/2018]
Two of skateboardings true heavyweights battle it out under the bright lights. SOTY vs World Champ? Who you got? Only one will emerge with the money and the title...

Venice Lyon Slappy Challenge 2018 Footage [1/10/2018]
Video recap of the 2018 edition of the Slappy Challenge by Hugo Bernatas.

Vision Skatepark Opening Footage [1/10/2018]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand has reopened after the renovation.

Dime Street Challenge 2018 Footage [27/9/2018]
The jump ramp is all about GLORY, especially when its launching you into a hill bomb. Dime took the challenge from the arena to the streets for the Day 2 festivities.

Hamar Open 2018 Results [27/9/2018]
Hamar Open 2018 Results

Jessheim Open 2018 Gard Hvaara Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 - SR / 1.plass Gard Hvaara at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Jessheim Open 2018 Daniel Knutzen Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 - SR / 2.plass Daniel Knutzen at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Jessheim Open 2018 Tommy Andersen Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 - SR / 3.plass Tommy Andersen at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018 TV Episode Footage [27/9/2018]
Eighteen of the worlds top skaters took part in Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018. Check out the full broadcast from this unique event in Munich, Germany that combines street, bowl and vert elements over a 300m track.

Tour Footage: Emericas Wet Hot Canadian Summer [27/9/2018]
This aint your average tour vid; this is an epic journey across the North with Emericas legendary squad. Demos were dusted, streets were scorched and brews were boozed. Hell yeah

Jessheim Open 2018 Heine Lystad Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 JR / 1.plass Heine Lystad at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Jessheim Open 2018 Vetle Ballestad Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 - JR / 2. plass Vetle Ballestad at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Jessheim Open 2018 Lucas Aarvik Footage [27/9/2018]
JESSHEIM OPEN 2018 - JR / 3.plass Lukas Aarvik at Gystadmarka Skatepark.

Dime Glory Challenge 2018 Footage [22/9/2018]
This is NOT a contest. This is a collision of volcanic skateboarding energy that fuels Mach speed Smith grinds, stratospheric wallrides and skyscraper tail drops. Go for the GLORY or get bent.

RTM WCS Rotterdam 2018 Cash For Tricks Footage [22/9/2018]
RTM World Cup Skateboarding Rotterdam Cash For Tricks 2018 from Flatspot Magazine.

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