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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Spotcheck: Kongsvinger Skatepark September 2019 [12/9/2019]
Betongpark has put out some pictures from the new skatepark in Kongsvinger.

Spotcheck: Slurpen Skatepark June 2019 [26/6/2019]
The new skatepark in Lakkegata seems to be completed, but the area is still a construction site.

Spotcheck: The Spot at Kongens gate in Oslo [26/6/2019]
Here are some pictures from the bench spot in Kongens gate in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Risil Skatepark May 2019 [7/6/2019]
The first stage of the sktaepark in Vestby is now extra fly.

Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark June 2019 [7/6/2019]
Here are some panorama picture from the skatepark at Jordal in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Tveita Skole Miniramp May 2019 [14/5/2019]
Here are some pictures from the miniramp at Tveita Skole in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Olafia Skatepark April 2019 [14/5/2019]
Here are some pictures from the new skatepark at Grnland in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Bryggeriet Bygg Annelöv 2019 [15/4/2019]
Bryggeriet Bygg did a spot check video from Annelöv Skatepark, that they built last year.

Spotcheck: Raumyr Skatepark 2018 [16/12/2018]
Here is a picture from Raumyr Skole Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Elverum Skatepark November 2018 [29/11/2018]
Here is a picture of the new concrete skatepark in Elverum.

Spotcheck: Tervasaari Skatepark [15/11/2018]
Here is a pictures from Tervasaari Skatepark in Hamina, Finland.

Spotcheck: Majorstua Skatepark September 2018 [1/10/2018]
Some pictures from the new skatepark at Marjostua.

Spotcheck: Marikollen Skatepark September 2018 [8/9/2018]
Some pictures from the new skatepark in Rlingen.

Spotcheck: Fernanda Nissen Skole July 2018 [15/8/2018]
Some pictures from the skatespot at Fernanda Nissen skole in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Kouvola Skatepark Video [12/7/2018]
Take a swirl at the new skatepark in Kovola, Finland.

Spotcheck: Nordstrand Skatepark June 2018 [5/6/2018]
Here are some pictures from the new skatepark at Nordstrand in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: GSF Skatepark May 2018 [20/5/2018]
Pictures from GSF.

Spotcheck: Teaterplassen May 2018 [19/5/2018]
Teaterplassen got skatestopped a few years ago, right after its renovation, but not everything..

Spotcheck: Arbeidsersamfunnets Plass May 2018 [17/5/2018]
Arbeidsersamfunnets Plass in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Hersleb Skole May 2018 [17/5/2018]
Some pictures from Hersleb Skole in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Tyen Torg May 2018 [13/5/2018]
Tøyen Torg is being renovated with a brick surface and new benches.

Spotcheck: GSF Skatepark May 2018 [12/5/2018]
Some fresh pics from Gamlebyen Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Skatt st May 2018 [10/5/2018]
Here is a fresh picture from Skatt st.

Spotcheck: Ringnes Curben May 2018 [9/5/2018]
Ringnes Curben got new asphalt since our last update.

Spotcheck: Mlleparken Skatepark May 2018 [5/5/2018]
A couple pictures of Mlleparken Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Torshovrampen April 2018 [30/4/2018]
Here is a spring update from Torshovrampen in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark April 2018 [16/4/2018]
Jordal is beeing freed from the clutches of winter.

Spotcheck: GSF Skatepark Bowl April 2018 [16/4/2018]
Snow is being cleared out of the GSF bowl.

Spotcheck: Speilen Skatepark April 2018 [14/4/2018]
Walktrough of the new skatepark in Mandal.

Spotcheck: Haukerd Skole Skatepark 2017 [27/12/2017]
Here is a picture of the pre-fab skatepark at Haukerd Skole in Sandefjord.

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