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Stoner Skate Plaza (2010) [Articles] [Videos] [Photos] [Calendar]

Outdoor skate plaza in Los Angeles, California, scheduled to open summer 2010 in the Stoner Recreation Center.

Also known as: Stoner Skate Park / Stoner Skatepark / Stoner Park

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2014: Stoner Plaza: Play Video 10 Tricks - Stoner Plaza med Are Aasvang

2013: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
Stoner Plaza Hubba Session with Paul Rodriguez, Manny Santiago, and Terell Robinson

2011: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
The Spark Plug is a typical day with Sebo at Stoner Plaza in LA. In fact, this was filmed yesterday! His typical days are a little nutty.

2010: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
A few days at Stoner Plaza with Autobahn Works teamrider, Matty Chaffin. Tons of Aloha on this one...Shmatty is from Hawaii and now lives in LA and kills Stoner on the daily. Really stoked to be able to use this stuff for a Pit Stop. Thanks to Minh Thong for filming and for Daniel Castillo for the cameo clip!

2010: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
Autobahn Works teamrider and Roger Skateboards AM, Cesar Fernandez on some first try stuff at Stoner Plaza. He did it again cleaner and I accidented deleted it. Sorry Ceez! I kinda like the bendy exit on this one...

2010: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
Autobahn Works teamrider, Schmatty Chaffin casually getting it done at Stoner Park. You can find him down there most days, sharpening his tricklist. Super super sick skater. Youll definitely see a lot more of him in the future! Aloha Matty!

2010: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
Some footage of Joey Brezinskis Birthday celebration at Stoner Park from Autobahn Wheel Co.

2010: Stoner Plaza: Play Video
Birdhouse Skateboards hit up the new Stoner Park for a Labor Day skate sesh. Featuring: David Loy, Jake Hill, Spencer Nuzzi, Shawn Hale and the Homies.

2011: Stoner Skatepark: Play Video
Osiris: Bowerbank and Olson at Stoner Plaza: The drive to Woodward West can be long and tiring, so Tyson Bowerbank and Jack Olson hit up Stoner Plaza on the way.

2011: Stoner Skatepark: Play Video
Austyn Gillette cruising Stoner by sml. wheels

2010: Stoner Skate Plaza: Play Video
The Stoner Skate Plaza in Los Angeles, CA is one of the latest projects from California Skateparks and Site Design Group. The skate plaza is schedule to open this summer in the Stoner Recreation Center.