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Dave Bachinsky is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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2016: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Wreck Welcomes Dave Bachinsky

2016: Tallin: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky Skates Old City Tallinn, Estonia

2015: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky Welcome to Darkstar Part

2013: Commercials: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky Always On The Grind

2013: Various: Play Video
5 On Flat With Dave Bachinsky

2012: Welcome Videos: Play Video

2011: Interviews: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky Skateboard Setup

2011: Trick Tips: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky Trick Tip - How to do Kickflip Frontside Tailslides - Alli Step by Step.

2011: Interviews: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky My Five - Interview + Skate Footage

2011: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Vox Skate 4 Change DVD - Dave Bachinsky by Vox Footwear

2010: Firing Lines: Play Video
Another Firing Line straight from the mean streets: Dave Bachinsky. Black Rock. Downtown SF. First-try line before security even knew what hit em.

2009: Various: Play Video
Dave Bachinsky 18 Stair Vs Security