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David Daewon Song is an American skateboarder of South Korean origin.

Also known as:

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2016: Interviews: Play Video
Matix is proud to present the NINETOFIVE series.

2016: Various: Play Video
Daewon Song Wheel Change Skateboard Wizardy

2015: Various: Play Video
Daewon Song Instagram Compilation from Quartersnacks

2015: Trick Tips: Play Video
X Games Trick Tips - Daewon Song blunt to 360 flip out - ESPN

2012: Commercials: Play Video
Daewon Song talks about his love for Mob and backs it up with some serious mini ramp shreddage in this "Talkin Mob for Mob Grip. No bubs, no troubs. Woo woo!

2013: Various: Play Video
Daewon Song is one of the most naturally gifted skateboarders of all time. In this part for Mob Grip he handles 2 parks in one day with a bevy of extremely difficult tricks. Must be nice.

213: Gardena Skatepark: Play Video
A Daewon Song Instagram Video of two quick tricks at Gardena South Park!

2013: Various: Play Video
Skateboarding in Slow Motion: Daewon Song - Blunt Stall Bigger Flip

2013: Commercials: Play Video
Daewon Song breaks down the design elements that went into his new shoe from DVS along with hooking it up with some sick clips! Guest appearances by Cooper Wilt and DJ Runaway.

2013: Various: Play Video
Matix Clothing takes a glimpse into the history of Daewon Song , growing up in the South Bay, his early skate influences, and starting Matix Clothing with the Dunlap brothers and Tim Gavin. Filmed and edited by Jon Fitisemanu additional filming by Ryan Dearth

2013: Commercials: Play Video
Tensor Trucks - New Daewon pro trucks out now!

2013: Various: Play Video
Daewon messing around the Almost HQ dropped in the mini ramp to see how many blunts kick flips he can do in a row first try... no big!

2013: Various: Play Video
Daewon vs H2O | Daewon Song likes a challenge. Watch any of his video parts and youll see what I mean. Tables stacked on dumpsters, flat bars between semi-trucks, forklifts, old tires, sketchy quarterpipes, sculptures, unorthodox manual pads, boulders, tree trunks and even waterfalls. You name it and hes skated it, or at least tried. With that being said, what youre about to witness is the epic battle between Daewon and earths most valuable asset, water.

2012: Interviews: Play Video
Almost Skateboards teammates Daewon Song and Cooper Wilt get into a battle of skate trivia whit. See who can recall the most Almost facts and take the win in this HEAD2HEAD.

2012: Various: Play Video
Brick Harbor Presents: The 12 Daes of Christmas

2012: Various: Play Video
Daewon vs Daewon

2012: Various: Play Video
Daewon Song 5 Incher B-Side Edit - A few tricks added to a whole new song in this re-edit straight from the man himself...

2004: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Round 3 - Daewon Song

2012: Various: Play Video
Daewon Song Dorking Around at DVS

2011: Various: Play Video
DVS Daewon x Almost Dae vs Dae by DVS Shoe Company

2011: Paramount Skatepark: Play Video
Fun times at Paramount sk8 park early in the morning! I got this iPhone clip of Daewon doing a switch 360 flip as we were coming into the park.

2010: Interviews: Play Video
Daewon Song Interview 11/13/2010 at Battle of the Shops

2011: Commercials: Play Video
Daewon Song 12'er by DVS Shoe Company: Daewon's dreams of being a barber, artist, baseball legend and a track star, were shattered when he picked up his first skateboard. His new shoe has nothing to do with that and we've celebrated his non-achievements by giving him another model. Cheers to Daewon's 12th shoe! Filmed and edited by MonDae.

1992: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Classics - Daewon Song Love Child

2010: Commercials: Play Video
DVS Daewon x Almost Love Child - Daewon attempts to recreate his World Industries "Love Child" part and fails. So, he filmed some new shit to promote his DVS x Almost collab shoe.

2009: Various: Play Video
Mini Top 5. Daewon and Daniel. Twenty years of BFF.

2007: Interviews: Play Video
DVS interviews Daewon Song about winning the Thrasher Skater of the Year Award.

2007: Various: Play Video

2006: Various: Play Video
daewon song - thrasher skater of the year