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Girl Skateboards is a Torrance, California based skateboarding company.

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2013: Various: Play Video
On September 14th, 2013 we had the amazing opportunity to host the 20 Years Of Girl art exhibit in the Extension Gallery at our Allston shop, with special guests Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and Ben Colen in attendance. Along with the art show, we teamed up to release a collaboration project with Girl Skateboards that consists of a board, tee shirt, and DVD mixtape of some of our favorite Girl parts from the last 20 years. The capsule is available in both of our Boston locations and online at Check this video of the opening reception by Michael Chew.

2013: Interviews: Play Video
For the cover story of the brand new Route One Magazine they were invited to Crailtap HQ in California to sit down with skateboard legends Rick Howard & Mike Carroll for an in-depth interview, as part of Girl Skateboards 20th anniversary celebrations. Covering topics including how the company came about to what they think of the latest generation making moves into companies of their own, this is must see viewing.

2013: Various: Play Video
Girl Skateboards Celebrates 20 Years

2013: Tour Videos: Play Video
Girl and Chocolate Skateboard Tour in Puerto Rico, April 2013.

2013: Vans Skatepark: Play Video
Girl & Chocolate Demo at the Vans Skatepark. Featuring: Sean Malto Stevie Perez Elijah Berle Justin Eldridge Mike Carroll

2012: Commercials: Play Video
Behind The Design | Girl X Sanrio | In what has become a highly talked about collaboration project in the skate world and beyond, Girl Skateboards has once again teamed up with legendary gift, accesories, stationary and toy manufacturer,Sanrio, to produce a complete pro model series of decks with each Girl pro alinged with a familiar charachter from the Sanrio portfolio. CCS stopped by Girl this week to pay Art Dump, Hershel Baltrosky, a little visit and to catch up about the project. After our tour he treated us to a session in the Girl park alongside Daniel Espinoza.

2012: Interviews: Play Video
The Girl Skateboards art department, also known as The Art Dump, shows some of their favorite board graphics and talks about their favorite installations theyve done over the past 20 years.

2011: North Hollywood Skatepark: Play Video
Girl and Chocolate Demo - North Hollywood Skatepark.

2011: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Cory Kennedy shows up to the North Hollywood Park for a little surprise. crailtap

2011: Various: Play Video
Gleaming the Cloud: Girl Skateboards Open House Invitational: Barnyard animals, tattoos, and some damn good skateboarding? All three on their own can make for a good time, but Girl threw them all in at their recent Open House Invitational. Addin Colin's bouncy Euro-ish jam he picked for the video and it almost feels like you're right there petting the ponies and indy nose bonking the hubba.

2010: Commercials: Play Video
Girl Skateboard's Big Head Series featuring Rick Howard, Eric Koston, Mikemo, Seam Malto, Jeron, Wilson, Brandon Biebel, and Guy Mariano. Filmed and edited by Roger Bagley.

1999: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Girl Skateboards montage from The Chocolate Tour - 1999

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Chico Brenes

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Chocolate Skateboards montage

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Rick Howard & Mike Carroll

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Eric Koston

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Tony Ferguson

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Mike York

1996: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Mouse - Intro

2003: Skateboard Parts: Play Video
Jereme Rogers Yeah Right Part.

2010: Various: Play Video
Girls Outbackwards Tour teaser #5.

2010: Various: Play Video
Outbackwards Teaser #4

2010: Various: Play Video
Outbackwards Teaser #3

2010: Various: Play Video
Girls Outbackwards Tour video teaser #2. Shot by Rick Howard.

2010: Various: Play Video
Heres a little teaser of Cory Kennedy from the upcoming Girl Outbackwards Tour video.

2010: Various: Play Video
Quad Switch Flips, the film. Starring Mikemo, Malto, Cory, and Nugget.

2010: Girl Open House Contests: Play Video
Girls Open House Contest Number 8 Here it is. Fucking finally. Girl's Open House Contest Number 8.

2010: Girl Open House Contests: Play Video
Girl Open House: Dropped by Torrance for some Girl Open House action. Phelps got on the Crail Couch, ate some In N Out, Ryan Spencer won the invitational and we were out.

2010: Various: Play Video
Girl Park Featured Feature: Heres some park footage we've accumulated over the last few months from various lunchtime sessions, rainy days rides, and coffee breaks backsiders.

2009: Various: Play Video
The Girl Park goes (RED)

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