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A 180 Kickflip is a skateboard trick where the rider and board rotates 180 degrees, while flipping the board with the toe of the front foot, to make it spin 180 degrees along the boards long axis.

Also known as: Frontside Kickflip / Backside Kickflip / Frontside Flip / Backside Flip / FS Flip / BS Flip

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2015: Trick Tips: Play Video
X Games Trick Tip -- Blake Carpenter switch backside kickflip - ESPN

2010: Trick TIps: Play Video
How To Frontside Flip, Ryan Decenzo, Alli Sports Skateboard Step By Step Trick Tips.

2012: Trick Tips: Play Video
How-To Backside Flip with Shuriken Shannon - Trick-a-Day

2012: Trick Tips: Play Video
How-To Frontside Flip on Transition with Greg Lutzka - Trick-a-Day

2011: Trick Tips: Play Video
Sean Conover How Tos Day; Frontside Flips

2012: Trick Tips: Play Video
CCS got up with newly named Mystery Pro Windsor James this week for a quick look at the frontside flip.

2010: Trick Tips: Play Video
"Step By Step: Ryan Decenzo" -- Get some tips from the pros on how to do the basic tricks and some advanced ones too. Today skateboarder Ryan Decenzo goes through all the steps needed to land your first frontside flip.

2007: Trick Tips: Play Video
John Motta BS Flip Trick Tip

2011: Trick Tips: Play Video
Tricky Thursdays: Frontside Kickflip

2011: Various: Play Video
Peter Ramondetta Knows Frontside Flips.

2009: Various: Play Video
Trickipedia - Switch Frontside Flips w/ Rodrigo Petersen