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John Cardiel is a former American professional snowboarder and skateboarder.

Also known as: John Cardial

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2016: Interviews: Play Video
A Short Conversation With John & Brian from Antihero Skateboards

2013: Interviews: Play Video
Anti Heros John Cardiel is your favorite skaters favorite skater and his 2001 Transworld Magazine Sight Unseen video part is one for the history books. We sat John down at Chris house as he passed through New Jersey on the Get Out and Do Something Tour to discuss Sacramento and what it was like making the part at the turn of he century.

2013: Interviews: Play Video
First Look: John Cardiel - He nailed it in 1992, ten years later it was TNT, twenty deep its David Gonzalez. JC gives a quick snap at the fattest mag on the blockApril 2013.

2003: Various: Play Video
Cardiel at Pala Pool (2003)

2002: Day in the Life: Play Video
411 Video Magazine 54 - Day in the Life: John Cardiel

2010: Various: Play Video
intheCUTTS Episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL.

2009: Various: Play Video
Mini Top 5 with a fresh out of the sleeping bag John Cardiel.

2007: Various: Play Video
Vans Clip of The Week #4 John Cardiel gets his crooked grind on in Denver, Colorado.