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Lizzie Armanto is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Lizzy Armanto [wrong spelling]

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2016: Interviews: Play Video
Lizzie Armantos Passion for Skateboarding | While the Water Boils with Hannah Hart Ep5

2016: Interviews: Play Video
Lizzie Armanto - Free Lunch from The Ride Channel

2013: Interviews: Play Video
At only 20 years of age, Lizzie Armanto has been re-writing skateboarding history. A native of Santa Monica, California, Lizzie started skating in 2007 with her younger brother. Since then she has dominated womens skateboarding, competing in the mens division in international contests, and most recently winning a gold medal at X Games just a few days ago. Its safe to say the future of womens skateboarding is in safe hands.

2013: Trick Tips: Play Video
How-To Skateboarding: 5-0 Roll In with Lizzie Armanto

2012: Interviews: Play Video
Exclusive interview with Lizzie Armanto at the Rocky Mountain Rampage: World Cup 2012 held in Colorado Springs.