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Ricta Wheels is an American skateboard company.

Also known as:

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2014: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Ricta Wheels is proud to announce the addition of David Loy to its already illustrious roster. What better way to celebrate than with 3 minutes of Loy footage?! Keep an eye out for a Davids Pro Speedrings Wheels coming soon!

2014: Welcome Videos: Play Video
East Coast powerhouse and proponent of beanies, Tom Asta, gets busy in the raw streets in this video welcoming him on Ricta Wheel Dynamics.

2012: Commercials: Play Video
Lutzka talks about why he rides Ricta Speedrings and gets a trick down the Brick Town set. Crush your landings, not your wheels.

2011: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Nyjah Huston: Ricta Wheels - Welcome Video

2006: Welcome Videos: Play Video
Jerry Hsu on Ricta! StrangeNotes