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Element Skateboards is a skateboard manufacturer and surfwear retailer based in Irvine, California. It is a subsidiary of Billabong International.

Also known as: Underworld Element Skateboards [original name]

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2018: Advertisments: Show Picture
Elements Sean Sheffey Celebrating Legacy Ad

2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Element welcomes Trent McClung

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
ViKarsten Event Flyer

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Element Crossing Canada Tour Flyer.

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Make It Count Flyer

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Element Skateboards welcomes Mark Appleyard.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Element Skateboards Scandinavian Tour 2010 Event Flyer.

2010: Various: Show Picture
Element Drop Spot Obstacles.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Element Make It Count Contest Series Fredrikstad Norway Event Flyer.

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Element Welcomes Nick Garcia Ad.

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Congrats to Vincent Luevanos who took first place at the MAKE IT COUNT National Contest series, making him the newest Element flow rider!

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
We are proud to introduce the newest Element Pro, Levi Brown. Our relationship with Levi began at Element YMCA Skate Camp and has flourished from there. Hes skated hard and gained a great amount of recognition, humbly boasting a style all his own along the way. Levi truly embodies everything Element is about and we are pleased to have him on the pro roster!

2006: Advertisments: Show Picture
Chad Tim Tim, Mike Barker, Jimmy Lannon and Levi Brown are now officially on Element.