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Invert is a skateboarding trick where the skater grabs his board and plants a hand on the coping so that they are balancing upside down on the lip of the ramp.

Also known as: Frontside Invert / Backside Invert / Inverts / Handplants

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2013: NORB NM Senior Vert Final: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen invert during the vert final of the Norwegian skateboard championship in Oslo.

2013: NORB NM Senior Vert Qualification: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen invert during the senior vert qualification of the Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo.

2009: Vert NM Kvalik: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen handplant at Strmmen Skatepark during the qualification for the Norwegian vert championships.

2009: Nstedhallen: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen invert in the vert ramp at Nstedhallen Skatepark in Drammen, Norway.

2008: GSF Skatepark: Show Picture
Jon Pedersen invert in the GSF Bowl during the WeSC Rock n Bowl contest in Gamlebyen, Oslo.

2008: Bislett Stadion: Show Picture
Kyrre Riksen inverted during Nordic X-Elements 2008 at Bislett Stadion in Oslo, Norway.

2008: Vert NM Qualification: Show Picture
Qualification Vert NM 2008 at Dyani Sk8park. Kyrre Riksen handplant.