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Jeromy Green is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: The Rubber Man [nickname]


Jeromy Green is from Jamul, California, United States of America. [1]


Jeromy Green started skateboarding at the age of 10. [2]

He has been dubbed "The Rubber Man" because of his radically sick and tweaked out style. [2]

His stance is goofy.


In 2018 Jeromy Green added himself to the list of skaters that have sucessfully completed The Loop. [3]


2017: 07 - Vert Attack Pro


Jeromy Green turned pro with Sacrifice Skateboards in 2016. [4]

???? - xxxx: McGills Skateshop
201? - 201?: Immortal Laces
201? - 201?: Labreau Surfboards
201? - 2017: Sacrifice Skateboards
201? - xxxx: Tortoise Pads
201? - xxxx: Speedlab Wheels
201? - xxxx: Pura Vida Bracelets
201? - xxxx: 187 Killer Pads
201? - xxxx: Triple Eight Helmets
2018 - xxxx: Earth Skateboards
2018 - xxxx: XYO Network


Various Jeromy Green signature products have been released by his sponsors.


1] Jeromy Green Kusi News Interview Added 22-05-2017
2] Jeromy Green Triple8 Profile Added 11-09-2018
3] Jerome Green Does The Loop Added 29-08-2018
4] Team Update: Sacrifice Pro Jeromy Green Added 30-03-2016

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Commercial: Jeromy Green For Earth Skateboards [11/9/2018]
EARTH Skateboards - Jeromy Green - Authority Zero - Destiny and Demise.


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