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Brighton Zeuner (2004 - )

Brighton Zeuner is an American skateborder.

Also known as: Bri Zeuner



Brighton Zeuner was born 14th July 2004, in Encinitas, California, USA. [1][2]


She first got into skateboarding trough her brother and father at the age of six, but quit after a fall. She then got back into skateboarding at the age of eight. [2]

She got her first skateboard from her mom. [2]

Her stance is regular.


In 2016 she became the youngest woman to compete in X Games at age 11. [2]

2016: 04 - X Games Austin Womens Park
2017: 01 - X Games Minneapolis Womens Park
2018: 01 - X Games Minneapolis Womens Park


201? - xxxx: Vans
201? - xxxx: Bones
201? - xxxx: Skeleton Key Mfg
201? - xxxx: 187 Killer Pads
201? - xxxx: S-1 Helmets
201? - xxxx: Stance
201? - xxxx: McGills Skateshop

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1] Brighton Zeuner X Games Profile Added 22-05-2018
2] Brighton Zeuner High Snobiety Interview Added 04-07-2018

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