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Welcome Skateboards is an American skateboard company.

Also known as:


Welcome Skateboards was started in late 2009 by Jason Celaya in Mission Viejo.


200? - xxxx: Nolan Johnson
200? - xxxx: Sammy Cole
2012 - xxxx: Chris Milic
20?? - 20??: Logan Devlin
20?? - 2015: Logan Lara
20?? - 20??: Erick Winkowski
20?? - 20??: Kody Karnahan
20?? - 20??: Brandon Perelson
20?? - 2015: Alex Perelson
201? - 201?: Lukas Miller
20?? - xxxx: Jordan Sanchez
20?? - xxxx: Ryan Lay
20?? - xxxx: Daniel Vargas
2013 - xxxx: Nora Vasconcellos
20?? - xxxx: Aaron Goure
20?? - xxxx: Will Blaty
20?? - xxxx: Ryan Townley
20?? - xxxx: Mark McCoy


2012: Monarchs of Magic


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Team Update: Welcome Pro Ryan Townley [28/3/2018]
Ryan Townley has turned pro with Welcome Skateboards.

Welcome Pro Nora Vasconcellos [14/8/2017]
Nora Vasconcellos has turned pro with Welcome Skateboards.

Meet the Welcome Team [16/1/2017]
Welcomes Fetish vid is about to seduce your senses. Until then, find out whos in the crew, where theyre from, whos got the hottest dance moves and much, much more.


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2014: Welcome Videos
Jordan Sanchez - Welcome to WELCOME
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2012: Tour Videos
A WELCOME weekend in AZ: Erik, Nolan, Mango, Kody and a bunch of friends headed to AZ and then documented the super natural events that occurred thereafter.
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2012: Tour Videos
WELCOME Skateboards H.A.K.A.S Tour 2012
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2015: Advertisments: Show Picture
Welcome Skateboards Jordan Sanchez Pro Ad

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