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Kvinnherad Skateklubb is a skateboard organisation in Hordaland, Norway.

Also known as: Kvinsherad Skateboardklubb


2011 - 2016: Husnes Miniramp
20?? - xxxx: Halsny Skatepark


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Skate Money For Kvinnherad [19/4/2016]
Kvinnherad Skateklubb got 100.000 kr from Sparebank1 Stiftelsen Kvinnherad.

Husnes Miniramp Is No More [7/4/2016]
Kvinnherad Skateklubb lost their 60.000 kr miniramp, and even had to pay 8500 kr to have it demolished, as it was to large to be moved when Rema 1000 started building their new store.


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New Miniramp In Husnes [19/11/2016]
A new Betongpark miniramp has been set up at Husnes Idrettspark in Kvinnherad.

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2016: Husnes Skatepark [19/12/2016]