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Founded by David Rogerson (a.k.a. Shitbird) in 2002.


Ace Pelka
Adam Wiggins
Bev Flood
BJ Morrill
Casey Meyer
Dane Warner
Greg Harbour
Joe Fitzpatrick
Mark Davenport
Peter Furnee
Tom Zachwieja
Wyatt Wisenbaker


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Team Update: Alec Beck on Speedlab Wheels [9/1/2019]
Alec Beck is welcomed to the Speedlab Wheels team.

Commercial: Callum McRobbie Speedlab x Blast [10/12/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Callum McRobbie dodges the rain and puts the new Blast Skates colab 56mm/99A wheels to the test indoors at Corby.

Zion O Friel on Speedlab Wheels [20/3/2017]
Speedlab Wheels has welcomed Zion O Friel to the team.


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2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Zion O Friel on Speedlab Wheels

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2017: Advertisments [20/3/2017]