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El Toro High School is a school building in Lake Forest, California.

Also known as: El Toro 20 / El Toro Handrail [skatespot]


El Toro High School was Established in 1973.


The world famous El Toro stairs are located at the school.


The spot feature a steep 20 step staircase. Originally there was a hand rail in the middle, but it was removed in 2008. [1]


The spot has been featured in several skateboard videos and web series. [2][3]

1998: The End
1999: The Reason
2000: Menikmati
2003: On Video Winter 2003
2003: Blackout
2005: What If
2006: Our Life
2006: What Its Called
2007: The Goodwood Promo
2009: Extremly Sorry
2011: A Happy Medium 2
2012: Future Nature
2014: A Happy Medium 3

2008: The Mag Minute
2009: United By Fate


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1] El Toro Rail Removed Added 21-03-2008
2] Documented Tricks On The El Toro Rail Added 02-11-2017
3] Documented Tricks Down The El Toro Stairs Added 02-11-2017


El Toro High School is located in downtown Lake Forrest.


25255 Toledo Way, Lake Forest, California, USA.

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Adrien Bulard El Toro Raw [19/7/2018]
This one didnt come easy. Adrien Bulard battled this mother of all backside tailslides for over an hour, taking a head-busting slam that sent blood spilling down his face. He broke his board and had to borrow Jorge Simoes. In the end, he rolled away from a flawless back tail to straight!

My War: Jamie Foy [22/12/2017]
El Toro has been a monolithic benchmark since Heaths lipslide in The End, and while skateboarding continues to progress at a mind-blowing pace, its still near impossible to wrap our heads around this front crook.

Jaws vs El Toro [2/11/2017]
Aaron Jaws Homoki has put out a video of his battles with the El Toro 20 stair, over the years filming for the A Happy Medium videos.


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