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Issue 19 of the Norwegian skateboarding magazine Fjψl.

Also known as: Fjψl Nr 4/2001 utgave 19 εrgang 6


Adil Dyani Kickflip Indy at the Jordal Vert. Photo by Michael Henriksen.


News / Gossip:

Videos: Artbars Subtitles and Seagulls, 411/47, Logic 7, Puzzle 13.

Nea Awards

Interview: Henrik Boye Sζtre

Spotcheck: Gamlebyen Bjψrn Gulbrandsen, Thomas Kahlbom

Hyperskate 2001

Bernhard Invitaional 2001

NORB Tour 2001

Roadtrip Sommer 2001

Circa European Invation Tour

Stavanger Open


Fjψlfolio: Adil Dyani FS 540 Indy at Bromsjordet Skatepark, Adil Dyani FS Air at Bromsjordet Skatepark, Lillesand-Erik Nosegrind, Aril Tψnnesen Indi at Stryn.

Michael Ψvergεrd Mini-Checkout


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