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Full Part: Shmatty Chaffin VX Part [15/12/2018]
Shmatty filmed this VX part in no time on the streets of LA. Enjoy this holiday treat. Shmattys got more heat coming in 2019, you can bet on that.


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Full Part: Shmatty Chaffin VX Part
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2011: Various
Autobahn Works teamrider, Matty "Shmatty" Chaffin made it over to Barcelona a few months ago. Here are some clips for us to enjoy from the cutting room floor...Yeah Shmatty!
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V/SUAL Skateboards 2017 Promo Video [29/11/2017]
2017 Promo video for the launch of V/SUAL Skateboards.

Andale Bearing Company [31/8/2012]
Joey Brezinski has started Andale Bearins along with Paul Rodriguez. Here is some information.

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