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Tigerstaden (2016 - )

Tigerstaden is a Norwegian indpendent skatevideo.

Also known as:




Skaters: n/a
Music: Long Distance Man by Big Bang
Spots: n/a

Eirik Ballo Part:

Skaters: Eirik Ballo
Music: Long Distance Man by Big Bang / Midt P Natta by ナse Klevland
Spots: n/a

Magnus Bordewick Part:

Skaters: Magnus Bordewick
Music: Forsvinne by Danny Maroc
Spots: n/a

Friends Part:

Skaters: Michael Sommer, Dan Stene, Even Vatn, Georg Stenersen, Pekka Lv蚶, Gustav Tnnesen, Jan Inge Janbu, Jonathan Arnestad, Gabriel Engelke, Gabriel Bjrsvik, Noel Nissen and Fartein Bjrge.
Music: Nedi Havet by Dagens Ungdom
Spots: n/a

Jonatan Drab Part:

Skaters: Jonatan Drab
Music: Tigerstaden by Kurt Kodein
Spots: n/a

Jan Henrik Kongstein Part:

Skaters: Jan Henrik Kongstein
Music: June Nights South of Siena by Skateb蚌d
Spots: n/a

Split Part:

Skaters: Henrik Lund / Marcus Shaw
Music: Molepolole by Olefonken
Spots: n/a

Heitor Da Silva Part:

Skaters: Heitor Da Silva
Music: Flexnes by Phil T. Rich
Spots: n/a

Hermann Stene Part:

Skaters: Hermann Stene
Music: Knuste Drmmer by Dropopop
Spots: n/a


Skaters: n/a
Music: A Long Long Time by St Thomas
Spots: n/a


Video and edit by Pekka Lv蚶

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