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360 Rock n Roll

A 360 Rock n Roll is a skateboard trick where the rider approaches the lip backwards, and turns 180 degrees to place the front truck over the lip to balance on the middle of the board, before turning 180 degrees on the back truck to go back down.

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A360 Rock n Roll is done by approacing the lip Fakie, and turning 180 degrees into a Rock n Roll, thus completing a 360 degree spin.


The 360 Rock n Roll can be performed backside and frontside.


The frontside version was first done by Tony Hawk in 1987.

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2010: NORB NM Vert Final: Show Picture
Petter Aaberg 360 rock n roll during the vert final of the Norwegian skateboard championships at Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand, Norway. Photo by Eileen Wikery Pettersen.

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