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Risil Skatepark (2000 - )

Risil Skatepark is an outdoor skatepark in Akershus, Norway.

Also known as: Risil Ungdomsskole Skatepark / Vestby Skatepark / Pepperstad Skatepark / Pepperstad Skog Skatepark




The original skatepark was built in 2000, and consisted of wood obstacles on an asphalt surface.

The skatepark was rebuilt in 2006 with pre-fabricated Rhino Ramp obstacles delivered by Kompan. [1].

In 2015 the skatepark was supplemented with old obstacles from Olaf Bulls Vei Skatepark in Oslo [2].

In 2016 the park was expanded to double size, with a new concrete park built by Betongpark [3][4].


1] Spotcheck: Risil Skatepark May 2016
2] Spotcheck: Risil Skatepark August 2016



Risilveien 85, 1540 Vestby, Norway.


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