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Pivotech is a company specialised in planning, designing and building skateparks.

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Build History:

2004: Alings蚶 Skatepark Sweden
2008: Jutans Skatepark Sweden
2009: Kristineberg Skatepark Sweden
2009: Fysak Skatepark Norway
2009: Norrkping Skatepark Sweden
2009: Falkenberg Skatepark Sweden
2009: Sdert舁je Skatepark Sweden
2009: V艀j Skatepark Sweden
2009: Vanlse Skatepark Denmark
2010: Tyres Skate Plaza Sweden
2010: Vetlanda Skatepark Sweden
2010: Olliewood Jnkping Sweden
2010: Tibro Skatepark Sweden
2011: Halmstad Arena Skatepark Sweden
2011: Trelleborg Skatepark Sweden
2011: Multiparken Helsingr Denmark
2012: Hgan舖 Skatepark Sweden
2012: Ingared Skatepark Sweden
2012: Sisimut Bowl Greenland
2012: Stenungsund Skatepark Sweden
2012: Hassleholm Skatepark Sweden
2012: Gnosj Skatpark Sweden
2013: ヨrkelljunga Skatepark Sweden
2013: Nuuk Skatepark Greenland
2013: Actionpark Tran蚶 Sweden
2013: Kolding Skatepark Denmark
2013: Gtene Skatepark Denmark
2014: Hrsholm Skatepark Denmark
2014: Sundsvall Skatepark Sweden
2014: Lagunen Skatepark Sweden
2014: Helligdommen Skatepark Denmark
2014: Kristianstad Streetplaza Sweden
2014: Feldballe Skatepark Denmark
2015: Kavlinge Skatepark Sweden
2015: Sderlyckan Skateboardpark Sweden
2015: Bjuv Skatepark Sweden
2016: Leksand Skatepark Sweden
2016: Hjo Skatepark Sweden


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Europes Best Skate Plazas [24/10/2016]
Kingpin Magazine takes a look at the best skate plazas in Europe.

Bjun Got New Skatepark [14/7/2015]
A new skatepark designed by Pivotech has been opened in Bjun, Sweden.

Ingared Skatepark Has Opened [17/8/2012]
Pivotech has completed a new skatepark in Ingared, Sweden. Here is some information.


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2015: Bjun Skatepark: Show Picture
Bjun Skatepark in Sweden. Photo by Pivotech.

2010: Various: Show Picture
Pivotech DIY Contest.

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Sjobo To Get Skatepark [14/7/2018]
A new activity park will be completed in Sjöbo in November, 2018.

Alings蚶 Skatepark Doubled In Size [26/4/2018]
ENR just finished a contract to renovate and expand the skatepark in Alings蚶, Sweden.

Tasta Skatepark Nominated For Award [28/9/2017]
The new skatepark in Stavanger has been nominated for Byggskikkprisen, a Norwegian building award.

Jutan Skatepark Opening [12/4/2017]
Jutan in Helsingborg is complete. Official opening Wednesday 12th of April, 2017.

Hjo Gets Skatepark In 2016 [7/11/2015]
Pivotech as designed a new skatepark to be built in Hjo, Sweden.

22 Million For New Tasta Skatepark [6/12/2013]
The new skatepark in Stavanger has been granted 22 million kroners over a period of four years.

RIP Tasta Skatepark [8/9/2013]
Stavanger has torn down the skatepark at Tasta, and are looking for a new location for the indoor skatepark.

Ystad Gets Skatepark [30/3/2013]
A new micro skatepark is being built in Ystad, Sweden.

Construction Start In Kolding [30/3/2013]
Work has started on a new skatepark in Kolding, Denmark.

Orkelljunga Skatepark [30/3/2013]
A new skatepark was finished in Orkelljunga, Sweden, last year.

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