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Kj๘lnes Skatepark (2010 - )

Kj๘lnes Skatepark is an outdoor skatepark in Telemark, Norway.

Also known as: Porsgrunn Skatepark / Campus Kj๘lnes / Porsgrunn Betongpark



Kj๘lnes Skatepark was designed by Fritjof Krogvold trough SkateLogic, and built by Veidekke Entrepen๘r Telemark in 2010.

Vert and miniramps were added in 2019.


Concrete skatepark with a 252 square meter bowl, and a 442 square meter street area.

Wood vert ramp and wood miniramp was added in 2019.



Kj๘lnes Ring 62, 3918 Porsgrunn, Norway.


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Vert Ramp Completed at Kj๘lnes Skatepark [22/6/2019]
The new vert ramp has been completed at the skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Kj๘lnes Skatepark Gets Miniramp [18/6/2019]
Thanks to generous donations the skatepark in Porsgrunn is getting a miniramp.

Fredrik Winsents at Kj๘lnes Skatepark [14/5/2019]
Fredrik Winsents at Kj๘lnes.


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2011: Porsgrunn Skatepark
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2019: Kj๘lnes Skatepark (large): Show Picture
Jon Harald Aspheim skating the vert ramp in Porsgrunn.

2019: Kj๘lnes Skatepark: Show Picture
Kj๘lnes Skatepark in Porsgrunn.

2019: Kj๘lnes Skatepark Construction: Show Picture
New miniramp in progress. Photo by Jon Harald Aspheim.

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